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Zigit to launch in golf at 2024 PGA Show

(PHOENIX, Ariz.) – The ZIGIT platform, which makes it easy to sell and buy alcoholic beverages on golf courses, will mark its golf industry debut at the 2024 PGA Show (Booth 2583) in Orlando, Fla., January 23-26.

This new proprietary technology allows golf course owners and operators to sell can and bottle alcohol through attractive, stand-alone ZIGIT-enabled machines (boxes) at locations along golfers’ journeys.  Purchase eligibility is validated through ID verification / authentication and facial recognition, and drinks are dispensed typically within 30 seconds.

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Poised to transform convenience in conformance with regulations, ZIGIT meaningfully increases golfer satisfaction and alcohol sales at golf courses, country clubs and resorts.

ZIGIT impressed at the 2023 PGA TOUR Wells Fargo Championship and is enjoying success at the American Airlines Arena, home to the NBA Dallas Mavericks and NHL Dallas Stars, as well at other sports and entertainment venues.

“In today’s ‘experience economy,’ people want self-serve solutions that conveniently, efficiently and instantaneously get them what they want, when they want it, where they want it,” says Elsbeth Hurry, CEO of Bizboxes, owner of the ZIGIT platform.  “With the tap of a smartphone, golfers can get alcoholic beverages on demand and no longer need to wait for beverage carts to find them.”

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Golfers complete a 90-second, one-time enrollment, which includes ID authentication and collection of biometric markers, to verify they are of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages.  They then simply scan the QR code on a ZIGIT-enabled box, select their desired drinks, take a quick selfie to confirm their identity, eligibility and payment processing, and collect their ice-cold beer and mixed cocktails, as well as water and soda.

All biometric information and payment data are securely processed through users’ smartphones, not through ZIGIT-enabled machines.

Strategic dispensing box locations to quench golfers’ thirsts include outdoor restrooms / comfort stations along the course, at the first tee and the turn, and on driving ranges.  Boxes only need a flat surface, run on a standard electric outlet without the need for Wi-Fi and can sturdily hold up against tough weather.  They require little to no maintenance (stocking takes less than 10 minutes, mainly after-hours) and hold up to 600 drinks.

For golf courses owners and operators, ZIGIT’s cool and purposeful technology:

  • Provides golfers with immediate, gratuity-free access to the alcoholic beverages they love
  • Generates meaningful, incremental revenue at higher margins
  • Requires less overhead and staffing headaches
  • Upholds compliance controls, including drink limits per day, per user
  • Tracks real-time inventory
  • Reduces alcohol inventory shrinkage which often reaches 30%
  • Speeds up pace of play

Profits are also tied to selling at least one more drink (a 20% lift) to golfers each round, as well as including drinks at ZIGIT-enabled machines for all golf outing and tournament participants.

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Owned by Phoenix-based technology company Bizboxes, LLC., ZIGIT is a mobile app-enabled retail SaaS platform for easy, convenient and profitable self-serve dispensing of controlled products, notably alcohol cans and bottles, at ZIGIT-enabled machines at sports, entertainment, event and other venues.   It utilizes secure technology widely used in airport travel, banking and government identification-checking applications.  Users complete a 90-second initial enrollment, which includes ID verification / authentication and collection of biometric markers, to verify they are of legal age to purchase controlled products.  Once enrolled, they collect their products from ZIGIT-enabled machines in about 30 seconds by simply scanning the QR code and taking a quick selfie to confirm their identity and purchase eligibility prior to selecting and collecting their products.  Venue operators enhance customer experiences while generating meaningful, incremental revenue and profits relatively effortlessly.

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