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Recording and saving your entire in-person lesson is now possible with Golf Live 2.0

Houston, Texas. GOLF LIVE, the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis Platform, is introducing two amazing features never seen before in the world of golf instruction. The new GOLF LIVE 2.0 app allows coaches to record and save the entire in-person lesson to the student’s locker. With the LIVE STREAM feature, instructors can now broadcast live clinics and training sessions to multiple users at the same time.  

The IN-PERSON LESSON RECORD feature allows instructors to record the video, audio, drills, and captured and analyzed swings of the student through GOLF LIVE 2.0. The entire session is automatically saved to the student’s locker for review at any time. The student can pull up the recorded lesson whenever they are practicing and review the lesson right on their phone. This innovative feature allows students to progress at a faster rate than ever before.  

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The LIVE STREAM feature allows coaches to broadcast a lesson or clinic while utilizing live replay technology. An unlimited number of attendees will have an interactive engagement, analysis, and real-time visual instruction. This allows coaches to scale their business and monetize their time and knowledge to never before seen heights. The attendee downloads the GOLF LIVE 2.0 app for free, registers and pays to attend the live session right on the GOLF LIVE app and is then able to learn as if they were standing in front of the coach. The LIVE STREAM can be for one, five, or hundreds. The platform can become a sizable revenue source for instructors around the world and an excellent opportunity to market the game of golf through B2B partnerships. 

GOLF LIVE has over 275 coaches in over 17 countries using their innovative platform to power their entire business. GOLF LIVE partners with teaching professionals to help them scale and grow their business through increased revenues and a more streamlined process. The need to spend time traveling to and from lessons can be a thing of the past by allowing students to take more lessons on a regular basis. 

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GOLF LIVE will be at the PGA Merchandise Show January 24-26 demonstrating GOLF LIVE 2.0 and its additional valuable features at Booth #3113. Golf professionals, GMs, academy directors, and the media are invited to stop by for a personalized demo.

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GOLF LIVE is the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis App including a comprehensive payment processing platform for in-person and remote coaching. GOLF LIVE allows students and coaches to interact in real time as if they are at an in-person, face to face lesson. This revolutionary technology allows coaches to expand their client base exponentially as distance and time are no longer factors in giving a lesson. GOLF LIVE allows students, groups, and companies to connect to a GOLF LIVE approved instructor and capture their swing and demonstrate drills and exercises while online. The instructor can analyze the video like they would at an in-person session; frame by frame video controls, expanded drawing tools, and the ability to pull up previously recorded swings and drills are available for the instructor to use while the student is watching and listening. At the conclusion of the session, the entire lesson is saved in the student’s locker for review by the student, and the coach, at any time. Expanded video editing tools, video sharing capabilities, and the ability to add voiceovers on previously recorded sessions are all standard features. GOLF LIVE has created a unique Partner Program for motivated instructors and B2B options for companies wishing to take advantage of its virtual instruction platform for employees, clients, and suppliers. For additional information, visit or

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