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ZoomBroom returns to the PGA Show with the Golf Breeze in stock

TEMPERANCE, MI (Jan. 15, 2024)  – ZoomBroom Inc. announced today it is entering the PGA SHOW for the third year with its Golf Breeze, the award-winning lightweight cordless stick blower perfect for removing debris on the golf course. The Golf Breeze is in stock and ready to ship to pro shops and consumers. 

The Golf Breeze is a lightweight, powerful cordless stick blower that is the perfect accessory for all of your on-the-go activities. Perfect for use on the golf green to clear the path to the cup, for your RV mat, or to quickly clean off the pickleball court. The Golf Breeze recharges fast and stows in your golf bag alongside your clubs for easy access, and comes with a headcover. 

“We are thrilled to be back at the show with the Golf Breeze on hand, ready to make waves in the golf industry, “ said Randy Kuckuck, Co-Founder of ZoomBroom. “The Golf Breeze will speed up your game and improve your putting. We are excited to make it available through PGA Pro Shops worldwide.” 

The Golf Breeze, rated excellent on Amazon, is the on-the-go version of the popular ZoomBroom. The Golf Breeze fits easily within most golf bags, is permitted under the rules of golf (Rule 15.1), offers a slim handle with comfort grip and is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 2 lbs. Additionally, the Golf Breeze offers: 

  • Plenty of battery life for several rounds of golf (30 min. standard battery life and over 13 min. full turbo battery life) 
  • Great for the golf course, RV or pickleball court 
  • Easy charging with battery in-place (charger included) 

The ZoomBroom and Golf Breeze were both designed as one-of-a-kind solutions for cleaning needs of outdoor living spaces. The ZoomBroom features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use and is convenient as a patio and deck blower, driveway and sidewalk blower, for yard work equipment, and much more. The Golf Breeze offers a smaller handle allowing it to fit in a golf bag, while still providing the same power and convenience of the ZoomBroom. 

The Golf Breeze, officially launched in June 2023, is available in select golf course pro shops, on and at At home or on the green, ZoomBroom keeps it clean. 

Stop by and see the Golf Breeze in person at the PGA Show in booth #3648.  

As an innovative and unique product designed to solve all cleaning needs for outdoor living areas, the ZoomBroom is the air-broom that is simply a sweeping success. While it may initially compare to a leaf blower for many, the ZoomBroom eliminates the noise, the heavy equipment, the bulky battery packs, storage problems, and more. Say "See you later!" to your Dad's noisy and heavy leaf blower, and let ZoomBroom be the solution for your outdoor cleaning chores. The Golf Breeze provides all the benefits of the ZoomBroom but in an on-the-go, perfect for golf, version.

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Amy Hanigosky 
Jamison Golf Group