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Golf Live 2.0 is a 'must see and experience' at the 2024 PGA Show

January 24, 2024

Houston, Texas. GOLF LIVE, the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis Platform, brings a new dynamic to golf instruction with its re-engineered GOLF LIVE 2.0 application. Never has live instruction been possible incorporating video capture, video analysis, full session recording, pre-recorded video exchange, instructor demonstration capabilities and more – all in real time. It is as if ZOOM® or GOOGLE MEET® married your favorite video analysis platform. 

GOLF LIVE will be at Booth #3113 providing hands-on demonstrations to PGA Professionals, instructors and coaches, GM’s, indoor golf facilities, golf academies, and the media throughout the 2024 PGA Show. 

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GOLF LIVE provides an innovative solution for coaches looking to generate additional income from their instruction business. The ability for coaches to talk on live stream video with their students, capture and analyze their students swing during the same live session, and have the entire lesson, audio and video, recorded and saved to the cloud has never been available before – until GOLF LIVE 2.0. 

GOLF LIVE 2.0 features include:

  • Customizable Membership Offering – create a monthly reoccurring revenue stream
  • One-to-Many Live Stream Capabilities – multi-student engagement for live, remote group instruction, clinics, and training
  • Enhanced Video Tools – full complement of drawing tools and step-by-step video controls
  • Improved Video Sharing – seamless functionality from coach to student and student to coach
  • Pre-recorded Video Exchange – analyze pre-recorded student videos and share valuable tips, drills, and exercises from the coach while on a live video call
  • Add Voiceovers on Follow up Videos – improved communication between coach and student 
  • Single Payment Platform – effectively manage payments for in-person lessons, remote sessions, group seminars, and monthly memberships with pre-payments and timely direct deposit
  • Record & Save All Lessons including Video & Audio – in-person or remote lessons can be recorded from start to finish and saved in the student’s locker for review anytime, anywhere
  • Local | National | International – time and travel are no longer obstacles to give lessons to existing students – or an entirely new audience of golfers
  • By the Minute, or Half Hour, or Hour – rates and conditions are set individually for coaches to get compensated for scheduled lessons as well as those between lesson calls from students looking for a little help.

With over 275 coaches in 17 countries, GOLF LIVE is changing how instructors can scale their business and increase revenues beyond traditional one-to-one instruction. The One-to-Many Live Stream allows coaches the ability to provide golf instruction to multiple (unlimited) attendees or corporate employees remotely on a per person fee basis. The potential financial upside for instructors is ‘real’.  

GOLF LIVE has two incentives for coaches that download and register on the new 2.0 app at the PGA Show. Stop by Booth #3113 to learn how to qualify for a $100 bonus and a $10,000 bonus just for successfully incorporating GOLF LIVE into their business by April 30, 2024. 

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GOLF LIVE is the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis App including a comprehensive payment processing platform for in-person and remote coaching. GOLF LIVE allows students and coaches to interact in real time as if they are at an in-person, face to face lesson. This revolutionary technology allows coaches to expand their client base exponentially as distance and time are no longer factors in giving a lesson. GOLF LIVE allows students, groups, and companies to connect to a GOLF LIVE approved instructor and capture their swing and demonstrate drills and exercises while online. The instructor can analyze the video like they would at an in-person session; frame by frame video controls, expanded drawing tools, and the ability to pull up previously recorded swings and drills are available for the instructor to use while the student is watching and listening. At the conclusion of the session, the entire lesson is saved in the student’s locker for review by the student, and the coach, at any time. Expanded video editing tools, video sharing capabilities, and the ability to add voiceovers on previously recorded sessions are all standard features. GOLF LIVE has created a unique Partner Program for motivated instructors and B2B options for companies wishing to take advantage of its virtual instruction platform for employees, clients, and suppliers. For additional information, visit or

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