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A meeting of the albatross kings! Good Good Golf’s Matt Scharff joins Brandon Redding on the “Did I Tell You About My Albatross? podcast

Redding and Scharff discuss their unique albatross bond that is so rare, it’s unrelatable to almost anyone who has ever played the game

TAMPA, FL (January 29, 2024) — Golf fans were in awe when Good Good Golf’s Matt Sharff recorded his second albatross last year. The accomplishment understandably was almost incomprehensible to the scores of people who viewed it on social media. One of the few golfers who could relate to the staggering achievement, however, was Brandon Redding – host of the new breakout podcast ‘Did I Tell You About My Albatross?’.

While playing in a member-member tournament at his local club in Tampa, Florida in 2020, Brandon “Albi” Redding struck a perfect 3-wood from 247 yards out on the final hole of the two-day event that turned out to be a “walk-off” albatross to secure the victory. The euphoric feeling that resulted from that extraordinary and most unlikely of shots led Redding to start the Did I Tell You About My Albatross? podcast with friends and co-hosts, Laken “Panda” Fischer, a PGA teaching pro, and pro-sport performance coach Billy “Shepherd” Heiser. 


Already linked together by fate, Redding and Scharff were destined to meet to compare the experience of their epic shots.

“The albatross I recorded gave me a whole new perspective on life,” said Redding. “It affected me so profoundly in fact that it was difficult to relay to others just how impactful it was — until I met Matt Scharff. Matt just got it and I thoroughly enjoyed swapping stories with him about our connected experience and I hope everyone who listens enjoys it just as much!” 

A Successful New Endeavor Born From a Single Shot 

Dubbed “a golf podcast for honest degenerates”, the Did I Tell You About My Albatross? podcast began in 2023 as an outlet for Redding to tell his albatross story to someone other than his wife and kids and has turned into a rollicking forum for three good friends to recount their craziest golf stories as well as anything else topical — as long as it’s not too serious. Listeners immediately feel like they are amongst friends and that they are rounding out Albi, Panda and Shepherd’s foursome.

In addition to interviews with some of the most intriguing figures in and around the golf world, the Did I Tell You About My Albatross? audience has come to revel in and look forward to a number of humorous and silly reoccurring segments and clips. One such effort, the ‘Scheffler Spaghetti Challenge’, seeks to test one of Panda’s theories that World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler is such a solid ball striker, he “could hit off a pile of spaghetti”. Until Scheffler comes on the show to try to validate the claim, the guys have given it a shot themselves while also encouraging their guests and others to do the same — often with hilarious results and varying degrees of success, but always ending in a beautiful mess. Another is Redding’s on-going and against all odds attempt to recreate his signature albatross shot from the exact spot of the same hole where he produced the shot of a lifetime.

Did I Tell You About My Albatross? is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever podcasts are found.


On a hot day in September of 2020, Brandon “Albi” Redding struck a perfect 3-wood from 247 yards out on the final hole of a two-day golf tournament at his local club in Tampa, Florida. The shot turned out to be a “walk-off” albatross (2 on a par 5) to secure the victory. Redding hired a data scientist to calculate the odds based on a multi-day tournament, being down 3 shots going into the last hole, finishing the tournament on a par 5 and making an albatross as the last shot to win — the results?... A 1-in-600 million chance of that happening. Redding knew he had the golf experience of a lifetime and the Did I Tell You About My Albatross? podcast was born.

Redding’s accomplishment serves as the jumping off point for lively conversations and debates with his fellow self-proclaimed “honest degenerate” friends who are all constantly chasing their next euphoric “you've-got-to-be-kidding-me” moments on the course. What sets Did I Tell You About My Albatross? apart from most podcasts is the genuine camaraderie, competition, and sheer love for the game that comes across while listening to Albi, Panda and Shepherd. After just a few episodes, it managed to crack the top 30 for Apple’s golf related podcasts, a testament to both the undeniable chemistry of its hosts, and to the fact that all golfers could use a hearty dose of laughter even when their scorecard doesn’t look very funny.

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