Industry News products draw huge accolades at 2024 PGA Merchandise Show

Power Shift Board, Draw Board, Tour-Feel and The Swing Plate find rave reviews from golf industry and media

West Palm Beach, FL – The golf industry has spoken and, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, had some of the hottest and best-reviewed products on display at last week’s 2024 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

With an expanded booth space and a fresh array of innovative training aids for attendees to demo, the team, including popular golf instructors-and-inventors Dan Frost and Jamie Brittain (both hailing from the United Kingdom), spent three busy days showcasing the brand’s newest wares. For many attendees, the PGA Show was the first chance to test out breakthrough new products The Power Shift Board, The Draw Board, The Connector, Sure-Strike and Tour-Feel. Brittain’s Swing Plate, for swinging on the proper plane, was also a hit at the PGA Show.


“We couldn’t be happier with the feedback from attendees, pros and the media at the PGA Show regarding our newest highly beneficial training aids that have recently hit the market,” says President John Diulus. “We are constantly working hard to develop new innovative products for teaching professionals and consumers. The process is lengthy and requires developing and testing prototypes, making the necessary adjustments, and then finally going into production. The rave reviews we received for our new products is extremely gratifying and we want to make sure you get yours before our initial allotment runs out by going to”

Frost and Diulus demonstrated the company’s newest products on camera with a host of television and online golf news platforms, including Golf Channel, where viewers saw Frost’s demonstrate The Draw Board, The Power Shift Board and The Connector. In Golf Digest’s PGA Show recap article called “Golf nerds will love these 10 products we saw at the 2024 PGA Show,” three of the 10 products featured were products. The article led with rave reviews of the Tour-Feel. “Sure-Golf’s Tour-Feel provides a fantastic sensation of creating and maintaining width throughout the swing. Immediately at setup you’ll feel the width you need to create in your lead arm to resist the band. Continue to feel that resistance throughout the swing, and you’ll learn how to keep your lead arm straight, creating that wide, tour pro look at the top of the backswing.”


The article went on to praise the Power Shift Board for providing “audio feedback when you’ve moved enough weight to your lead leg. There are springs on one side of the board, so when you put pressure into your lead leg, the board will make a clicking sound. Testing it out, it requires a certain amount of force to trigger that click—which is by design and exactly what you want to feel to start using the ground properly.”

Frost appreciates the journalists’ take on his newest creations. “The great energy and enthusiasm for our training aids and everyone’s ability to instantly see the benefit of using them is exciting and rewarding for our team. We look forward to getting these products in the hands of more golfers very soon,” he said.

Golf Digest also commended the Swing Plate in the article. “The Swing Plate is a heavy-duty plate which sits on the ground and can hold multiple alignment sticks at whatever angle you want. If you're coming down over the top, angle the stick so you're forced to swing underneath it; if you swing too in-to-out, do the opposite. It's low tech, but a simple solution for your swing path issues.”

Brittain, a veteran golf instructor who teachers out of 3 Hammers Golf Academy, said “The number of people who stopped to try the Swing Plate and left extremely impressed gives us great enthusiasm for 2024 and that golfers are very much focused on game improvement and solutions that will take their games to the next level.”

The team also met with golf professionals at the PGA Show about the company’s Pro Appreciation Program that offers preferred pricing, affiliate commissions, perks and bonuses that makes accessing training aids and getting them into the hands of golf students easier than ever.’s National Director of Sales Brian Holmberg reports excellent momentum for the program heading into peak-season 2024.

With the explosive rise of golf participation since 2020, the industry has seen more golfers valuing game improvement and purchasing training aids in record proportions. To meet the growing needs of today’s golfers, is committed to making an ever-expanding line of game improvement tools available that are keenly targeted to the needs and goals of today’s improvement-minded players.

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