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Malcolm DeMille creates custom trophies and buckle for Cypress Point Golf Course

Malcolm DeMille Inc., known for finely crafted and detailed award sculptures, continues to gain admiration, not only for classic and traditional awards, but for sculptures focused on local landmarks and scenery.  Among the latest to seek out Malcolm DeMille’s artistry is Cypress Point Golf Club.

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Set on the coastal dunes of California, Cypress Point Club’s front nine enters the Del Monte Forest and the back nine reemerges on the rocky coastline. Its dramatic holes offered an abundance of inspiration for Malcolm DeMille to create a stunning trophy.  Going with the namesake, logo, and local flora, Malcolm DeMille created Club Champion and Member-Guest Awards that bring to life the striking Monterey Cypress tree.

Often becoming irregular and flat-topped as a result of the strong winds in Pebble Beach, the bronze sculpture expertly captures the Cypress tree’s dramatic directional change and the green patina enhances the flat-topped foliage. The sculpture stands atop a 2-tier wood base and features a brass engraving plate for customization per event or recipient.

Along with these beautifully crafted Cypress Point Trophies, Malcolm DeMille was asked to create a belt buckle showcasing the club’s Cypress logo. The 2 3/8” x 1 5/8” sterling silver buckles feature a deep-milled Monterey Cypress. The silhouette is subtly contrasted with a high polished area and includes an engravable area on the back plate.

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The team at Malcolm DeMille extends gratitude toward Cypress Point Club for believing in our skills to provide eye-catching Prizes for their special events.  We look forward to expanding our collection with new Trophies and Awards that highlight local scenery, landmarks and anything that captures the essence of your club or event.

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“Play. Win. Remember.” For your next tournament or special event, partner with Malcolm DeMille to help create your vision for a memorable prize.  Whether you want a modern or traditional design, Malcolm will work his magic to exceed your expectations. See more work at , and contact us for all your gift and award needs.

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