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2023 AGM membership study unveils groundbreaking insights into the golf retail industry, in collaboration with Golf Datatech

Rocklin, CA – In a remarkable showcase of industry-leading research, the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) proudly unveils the findings of the 2023 AGM Membership Study, executed in partnership with the esteemed Golf Datatech. This pivotal research, amassing insights from over 700 industry stakeholders, marks a significant milestone in understanding the evolving dynamics of the golf retail sector.

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Golf Datatech, renowned for its rigorous market analysis and unbiased insights, played a crucial role in elevating the study's credibility and depth. By leveraging Golf Datatech's comprehensive data collection and analytical prowess, the AGM Member Survey offers an unparalleled glimpse into the trends shaping the future of golf retailing.

Jennifer Morton, CEO of AGM, highlighted the synergy between AGM and Golf Datatech, stating, "Our collaboration with Golf Datatech has not only enriched our study with robust data but also instilled a greater level of confidence among our members and the wider golf industry. The 2023 Membership Study is a testament to our commitment to driving the golf retail industry forward, underpinned by actionable insights and strategic foresight."

Key Findings of the 2023 AGM Membership Study Include:

  • Sales Growth: A healthy uptick in sales across the board, with significant gains in online retailing, reflecting the industry's adaptability and resilience.
  • Brand Preferences: The study delineates clear preferences for certain brands and products, offering valuable guidance for retailers and manufacturers alike.
  • Salary Trends: Over half of the respondents reported salary increases, highlighting the industry's economic vitality.
  • Social Media Influence: A surge in the use of Instagram and Facebook for customer engagement, underscoring the critical role of social media in contemporary marketing strategies.
  • Trade Shows and Brand Discovery: The vital role of trade shows in brand discovery and networking, emphasizing the importance of physical marketplaces in the digital age.

The AGM and Golf Datatech invite industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to delve into the full report, available exclusively to AGM Merchandiser members, Sales Representatives, and Vendor Partners. This comprehensive study not only serves as a benchmark for current industry standards but also paves the way for innovative growth strategies and enhanced customer engagement techniques.

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About the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM):
The AGM is an international, professional association committed to elevating retail standards, enhancing relationships, and continuously educating its members. Boasting over 850 buyer members and 175 vendor partners, the AGM stands at the forefront of the golf merchandising industry.

About Golf Datatech:
Golf Datatech is a global leader in golf market research, providing unparalleled insights into retail sales, consumer behavior, and market trends. Their commitment to delivering factual, comprehensive data supports the industry's growth and profitability.

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