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Why and how to become a professional golf instructor with the PGTAA

In its 27th year, the PGTAA stands as a respected figure in the world of golf instruction. This achievement is a testament to the relentless efforts of founder and President Dr. Barry Lotz, a legacy upheld by the committed PGTAA team, highlighting the caliber of membership within the organization.

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According to a 2019 report by the National Golf Foundation (NGF), approximately 17% of U.S. golfers sought lessons within the past year, contributing to a market valued at $1 billion. It's highly probable that the current participation rate exceeds this estimate, indicating significant engagement in golf instruction.

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The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA), with its 27-year history and global membership, plays a crucial role in advancing golf instruction. Their expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the development of golf teaching worldwide.

Taking golf lessons not only benefits individual players but also drives growth across the industry. Research indicates that golfers who take lessons tend to spend 78% more on golf-related activities, while facilities offering instruction witness considerable additional spending.

Furthermore, improved player performance resulting from instruction leads to greater engagement with the sport, ultimately boosting industry revenue. A mere one-stroke decrease in the average score of every golfer could lead to an additional 50 million rounds played.

The evolution of golf instruction is evident, with companies like Golftec specializing in indoor instruction and expanding globally, boasting over 230 locations and 900 coaches. Additionally, online platforms such as Under Par Performance Golf cater to a growing audience, showing impressive results in reducing handicaps.

As the golf instruction market continues to expand, its role in driving the sport's growth becomes increasingly evident. It serves as a foundation for both individual improvement and industry advancement, making it a top priority for enthusiasts looking to enhance their game. With organizations like the PGTAA at the forefront, the future of golf instruction appears promising.