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Save 20% on simulator screens and padding at Ace Indoor Golf

Toledo, OH – Ace Indoor Golf, the industry leader in home golf simulator hardware, design, consultation, and installations, announces its Spring Sale. From now until April 10, 2024, golfers can save 20% on Ace Indoor Golf stock and custom-size screens, gap pads, and frame pads.

Ace’s 1-Pc HiQ Screen offers the highest quality and durability golf simulator screen on the market. Used by the nation’s largest golf retailers, HiQ golf simulator screens feature multi-layer, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant polyester, and minimal impact noise. The screen also includes a bottom pocket and shock cord to reduce bounce back, #4 grommets every 12 inches, durable back webbing, and hook Velcro on the front sides and top to easily connect golf simulator gap pads and frame pads. The HiQ is available in 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios and custom sizes. The HiQ screen is manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, and delivers a high-definition picture.

Standard Golf Simulator Screen Sizes
Custom Golf Simulator Screen Sizes

Ace Indoor Golf Carpet/Gap Pads eliminate the gaps between your frame and screen, preventing balls from sneaking through cracks and damaging your room. Gap Pads are designed to run from floor to ceiling, along the top of your screen and can be cut to length to fit your space. Ace sells the pads individually for the sides and top of your screen, and they are available in standard and custom sizes from widths of 8” to 30” and lengths of 40” to 216.” Use Ace Indoor Golf’s Gap Pads to provide your sim with a finished and polished look.

Standard Golf Simulator Gap Pad Sizes
Custom Golf Simulator Gap Pad Sizes

Ace Indoor Golf’s Frame Pads protect your frame and golfers from balls ricocheting off your frame. These foam golf simulator pads complete the perfect look and are used by the largest golf businesses in the U.S. They are 2” thick and are sold in standard 6” and 10” widths and custom sizes. They are designed to run from floor to ceiling along the sides of your screen and across the top and include a 2” Velcro backing that attaches to your frame. The 2” thick foam prevents frame damage from balls and protects golfers from ball strikes. They are sold individually for the top and each side.

Standard Size Golf Simulator Frame Pads
Custom Size Golf Simulator Frame Pads

The SkyTrak+ launch monitor sale starts on April 1. Golfers can get $300 off on SkyTrak Plus launch monitors. The promotion runs from April 1st – April 15, 2024. The SkyTrak+ brings significant advances to the original SkyTrak platform, including dual Doppler radar for club data measurement, advanced machine learning software, and an improved photometric camera system that delivers best-in-class accuracy.

The addition of radar brings club information to the forefront of the experience, giving SkyTrak Plus users a vital data point to improve their game. The new and improved SkyTrak Shot Optimizer and Shot Score features bring more great innovations. Now, you can measure yourself against golfers of all skill levels and optimal shots in SkyTrak’s database of millions of golf shots.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor on Sale for $2695

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Ace Indoor Golf is unsurpassed in the golf industry when it comes to selling, building, designing, and installing golf simulator hardware and technology. The company offers expert turnkey sales and service solutions for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience. Ace brings its clients over two decades of simulator builds and installation expertise, and the company founders have installed 1,000s of simulators in commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf can customize products to meet customers’ specific needs.

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