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Honma Golf Ladies Beres 09 Collection

Honma’s legendary luxury, craftsmanship, and technology now available for women

Carlsbad, CA — Honma Golf, the leader in beautifully crafted performance golf equipment, presents the much-anticipated Ladies BERES 09 Collection, bringing our legendary luxury, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology to women golfers worldwide. The new ladies BERES 09 clubs are the gold standard for elevating play and bringing Stunning Performance™ to discerning players worldwide. Available in stunning hues of viva magenta, maroon, dark burgundy, and gold, these clubs are designed to elevate your game and enhance your confidence on the course.

  • 2 Star – Radiant Viva Magenta adorned with shimmering silver accents
  • 3 Star – Enchanting Maroon embellished with elegant silver and lustrous gold accents
  • 4 Star – Opulent Dark Burgundy enriched with delicate pale gold accents, including 14k gold
  • 5 Star – Luxurious Gold with exquisite platinum and gleaming gold accents, perfectly complementing the men’s 5-star clubs

Each club in the BERES 09 collection represents the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, delivering exceptional performance and unparalleled craftsmanship. With advanced shaft technology tailored to each grade, these clubs offer the ultimate in distance, forgiveness, and control.

Pricing for the BERES 09 Ladies collection:

  • Drivers starting at $900
  • Fairways starting at $600
  • Hybrids starting at $400
  • Irons starting at $1,750 for a set of 7-10, SW

Honma’s BERES clubhead technology is meticulously matched with expertly hand-rolled ARMAQ shafts for soaring distance, unparalleled sensation, and confidence-inspiring ball flight—time after time. Click on the video below:

BERES Launch Video


BERES 09 Driver:

  • Features Honma’s Distance Technology, optimizing CG design and clubhead construction for maximum yardage.
  • Incorporates high-strength lightweight carbon material on the toe side of the sole for a draw bias advantage, with surplus weight expertly positioned on the heel side.
  • Newly developed face design with uneven thicknesses enhances repulsion power, supported by a quad bridge structure.
  • Strategically positioned stainless weight at the rear of the clubhead enhances initial velocity and promotes a draw bias.

BERES 09 Fairway Wood and Hybrid:

  • Constructed with a tungsten nickel weight near the back heel, enhancing impact efficiency and achieving a CG angle of +5.0 degrees.
  • Features a unique face and crown design with uneven thicknesses to improve repulsion performance and expand the repulsion area.
  • CG specifically designed for optimal performance in both fairway woods, emphasizing long distance in the 3W and directionality in the 5W.
  • Precision-engineered hybrid lofts deliver ideal spin and green-stopping performance.

BERES 09 Irons:

  • Face design features uneven semicircles and an L cup face for remarkable distance performance, forgiveness, and impact shock dampening.
  • Revolutionary groove pattern structure delivers exceptional repulsion performance in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Innovative wide L-Cup face expands the repulsion area, boosting flight distance performance and minimizing dispersion on off-center hits.
  • Integrated vibration-absorbing resin midlayer quells vibrations upon impact for a pleasant hitting sensation and sound.

BERES 09 Shafts:

  • ARMRQ FX star grade lineup enhances shaft performance through differences in materials and design.
  • 2 Star shafts feature a kick point closer to the bat for increased flight distance with a high trajectory.
  • 3 Star shafts utilize high-elasticity TORAYCA® M40X for superior playing performance and improved stability.
  • 4 Star shafts have a kick point closer to the tip, enhancing initial speed and stability.
  • 5 Star shafts feature a strengthened bias layer for ultimate flight and stability.

TORAYCA® pre-preg:

  • Features T1100G carbon-fiber with NANOALLOY® technology for added strength and vibration damping.

Visit our website for more information on the BERES 09 Ladies collection. BERES 09 Ladies.

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Founded in 1959, Honma Golf is a prestigious and iconic golf brand known for its premium, high-tech, and top-performing golf clubs. With a focus on innovative technologies and traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Honma Golf offers a wide range of equipment to suit the preferences and abilities of golfers worldwide. From the luxury BERES series to the Tour-validated T//World line, Honma Golf is committed to creating the highest-quality golf products on the market today.

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