Industry News introduces Tour-Feel™

Developed by acclaimed PGA Teaching Pro and inventor Dan Frost

West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, is proud to announce the launch of its newest training aid Tour-Feel™, a groundbreaking new swing tool, that will help golfers of every skill level.

Developed by acclaimed PGA teaching pro and inventor Dan Frost, Tour-Feel™ by Sure-Golf is a training aid crafted from the insights of the world's elite golfers and top coaches. The secret to a masterful golf swing lies in its width – a fundamental, yet often-elusive element. Tour-Feel simplifies this crucial component, allowing you to achieve and internalize tour-level width through intuitive sensation.


“As a coach, I’m always interested in the common denominators of success, the patterns, movements and intentions that sit under the hood of great players,” says Frost. “I invented Tour-Feel™ to allow golfers to experience the sensation of width all the way from takeaway to finish creating an effective, consistent swing that works against the common narrow-to-wide swings that seem to be a disease, creating a nation of slicers. The feeling of width is key to creating more rotary swings with superior sequencing, and the Tour-Feel™ does this without complication.”

This multi-stage resistance band firmly links the lead shoulder and hand right from the outset – using resistance. The lead shoulder is often considered the true center of the swing, and a long lead arm is crucial for establishing and retaining width. Perfect this bond, and you'll unlock unparalleled power, precision, and consistency.

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“Dan Frost is on a roll developing some of the game’s best new useful and effective training aids,” said President John Diulus. “Golf Digest named Tour-Feel the best training aid at the 2024 PGA Show and after just a few swings with it, you’ll see why its instant feedback is making believers of golfers of every skill set. This training aid has potential to be one of those products that lasts generations and helps thousands and thousands of golfers.”

Elite golfers possess a wide-to-narrow-to-wide swing radius. That is, they stretch the lead arm and shoulder in the backswing, harnessing more power potential. As they transition into the downswing, they refine this width, creating dynamic lag. The swing concludes with a powerful and expansive follow-through, ensuring peak power, control and flawless ball striking. The Tour-Feel™ is designed to embed this very sensation into every golfer.

In just a matter of swings, imagine harnessing the immense power of width,” says Frost. “Tour-Feel™ isn't just a training aid; it's a game-changer. It offers an unmatched skill transfer rate, allowing you to feel the precise sensations and mechanics of a wide radius and powerful downswing. Within no time, you'll internalize what 'right' truly feels like. The best part? The unique sensation is retained once the training aid is removed, allowing your new move to seamlessly integrate into your game.”

Already the No. 1 Width Trainer on Tour, Tour Feel™ helps golfers unlock their untapped power through dynamic width training. They experience and train correct swing width using the aid, and learn by sensation rather than information. This way, they can improve their ball striking and compression. The product is scientifically proven by Gears 3D Biomechanics, and applicable to a wide range of skills throughout the bag. It’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.


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