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Audubon International BioBlitz returns for 8th edition

Month-long competition documents large diversity of species living on golf courses

(May 14, 2023 – Troy, New York) – Audubon International – the environmentally focused non-profit organization offering members numerous certifications and conservation initiatives to protect the areas where we all live, work, and play — reports a 30 percent increase in registrations for its 8th annual BioBlitz competition. From May 18 through June 17, golf courses across the U.S. and Canada will compete to see who can identify the largest number of species of flora and fauna thriving along their fairways. Audubon International will announce the winners later this summer.

Sponsored by earth-friendly pond bioremediation technology company BioBoost Nest along with support from Seed King Enterprises LLC, the event provides a unique opportunity for golf courses to engage their community members in activities designed to showcase and record the abundance of wildlife thriving on golf landscapes in a wide range of natural settings.

“Audubon International’s annual BioBlitz is a terrific way for golf courses to create greater awareness among the general public of their wildlife habitat value, especially in urban locations,” says Christine Kane, CEO at Audubon International. “It’s also a wonderful opportunity for community members from all walks of life to meet and learn about nature while getting outside and having fun.”

Adds Jody Fitzpatrick, BioBoost Nest CEO, “We are thrilled to sponsor the BioBlitz campaign. Our bioremediation approach to pond care supports biodiversity and environmental health in the green spaces that golf courses provide.”                                          

In last year’s 7th edition of BioBlitz, which returned after a several-year Covid-19 hiatus, a committed and passionate collection of nature lovers gathered at courses from the Southeast to Western Canada and the Northeast to Southern California in the USA–golf league members, scout troops, birding groups, club members, golf course employees, community members from surrounding neighborhoods, entire families, school children, and other nature enthusiasts.

For most participants, BioBlitz is key to keeping a course’s admirable stewardship efforts front and center in their relationship with the surrounding community. At the University of Maryland Golf Course, for instance, the 2023 edition added a valuable educational dimension for students of all ages and opened new avenues of school outreach. “We are now developing ways to run smaller versions of the BioBlitz for our PGA kids and local high schools,” said Laura Russell, the university’s General Assistant. “We found it to be a fun activity with educational benefits and environmental value. This is just another way to be a leader among university golf courses, using the education resources of our faculty and students to improve the environment and strengthen community connection.”

Florida’s Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club enlisted a wide range of community members on their way to identifying an incredible 607 species on their course — the most of any BioBlitz participant. Said Mary Hutchinson, 2023 BioBlitz Co-Coordinator, “Getting the word out early was important and done through different communication methods. We also prepared a BioBlitz pamphlet and scorecards based on Audubon International’s model and distributed hard copies at various locations around the community and in digital form online. Our members had a blast participating in the 2023 BioBlitz and it helped to showcase the rich and diverse ecosystem that we all call our golf community home.”

To learn more about BioBlitz, how golf courses, communities, lodging properties or resorts gain recognition for their environmental efforts, and to learn how to expand initiatives through Audubon International’s numerous environmental certifications, visit or call toll free: 1-844-767-9051

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An environmentally focused non-profit organization, Audubon International offers members numerous certifications and conservation initiatives to protect the areas where we all live, work, and play. Its certifications are designed to increase environmental awareness, encourage sustainable environmental efforts, and educate both its members and their communities.


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