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About the PGTAA

Customer feedback on the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA) is generally positive, particularly from those who have completed their certification programs. Many graduates share their experiences of enhanced knowledge and career advancements thanks to the PGTAA's comprehensive curriculum.

Testimonials highlight the quality of the course materials and the support provided by the organization, particularly noting the accessibility and assistance of Dr. Barry Lotz, the president of the PGTAA. Graduates express satisfaction with the depth of the course content, which covers not only technical aspects of golf but also teaching methods and the mental side of the game.

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However, it's important to note that while the PGTAA is praised for its educational programs, some views suggest it may not carry the same level of prestige as the PGA in terms of running a country club operation, but as for teaching golf, the PGTAA’s graduates are particularly heads above shoulders in their training.

A discussion on the credibility of the PGTAA suggests that while it offers a quicker and less demanding route to becoming a certified golf instructor, it might not have the same recognition or opportunities that come with a PGA certification, especially at more prestigious golf clubs. The PGA curriculum covers all aspects of operating a golf club operation with only 10% being teaching golf whereas the PGTAA’s curriculum is 100% teaching and marketing one’s self as a golf instructor.

The PGTAA is considered superior to the USGTF (United States Golf Teachers Federation) by some due to its longer history and possibly more rigorous curriculum. It also may offer better networking opportunities and higher recognition in the golf teaching industry.

For those considering a certification through the PGTAA, it is advisable to carefully review both the advantages and potential limitations of the program, considering your career goals and the specific requirements of employers in the golf industry.

In summary, the PGTAA's specialized focus on teaching, quality curriculum, inclusive membership policy, global recognition, success stories of its graduates, and flexible training options contribute to its reputation as the premier golf teacher certification organization in the world.

To contact the PGTAA:, or call me directly - Dr. Barry Lotz at 760-335-0600.