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Ecommerce by the numbers

Just how big is golf Ecommerce? Everyone talks about Direct to Consumer sales, but do you know which golf brands excel at D2C?  Is your company/brand doing enough business online?

Prior to Covid hitting the golf economy in the early spring of 2020, the online Ecommerce business was healthy and growing. While it continued to be affected by the “law of small numbers”, Ecommerce grew significantly in what was otherwise a relatively stagnant market.


In the aftermath of brick and mortar store closures, and the limitations of being able to shop for golf products in person, Ecommerce took off. Sales exploded before settling back to earth over the last few years.


Golf Datatech is uniquely positioned to provide insights into what is happening in the world of online golf equipment and apparel sales. We track retail Ecommerce sales monthly and, twice a year, take a deep dive into consumer attitudes and behavior.

If you sell golf equipment or apparel and need insights into the online world, Golf Datatech can provide you with the most compelling and accurate means to do so.

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