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MGI Golf unveils USA brand ambassador program

America’s No. 1 electric golf caddy drives company expansion spotlighting 8 golf professionals nationwide

Las Vegas, Nev. (May 29, 2024) – MGI Golf, global leader in technology for the walking golfer and maker of America’s No. 1 electric golf caddy, has launched a brand ambassador program in the United States.

MGI Golf carefully selected 8 ambassadors, representing top-tier talent and dedication in the golf world. These esteemed individuals receive exclusive benefits including use of the official MGI Brand Ambassador logo, an MGI electric caddy and accessories, MGI USA golf bag, and a range of additional merchandise.

“I am thrilled to introduce our inaugural USA Brand Ambassador Program. Our eight ambassadors embody the essence of MGI Golf, championing experience, innovation, and quality,” shared Miranda Turner, CEO of MGI Golf Inc. “Their support will undoubtedly fuel the ongoing success and expansion of MGI Golf, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.”

The selection process for MGI Ambassadors is rigorous with chosen individuals demonstrating exceptional reputations within the professional golf community as well as a deep affinity for the brand and unwavering support for its products. They champion the health and performance benefits of walking the golf course, and moreover, they affirm MGI as the market leader, providing clubs with a premier solution for their members.

"The past five years this category went from being a high end novelty item to an everyday essential for golfers. Members who enjoy walking but can't carry their golf bag are benefiting from using the electric caddy more and more," said Kevin Wong, Head Professional at Rolling Hills Country Club. "The product speaks for itself. It's reliable, sturdy, and functional. We have seen a healthier golf course with less golf car traffic, members are enjoying walking more and it's an added service and a more enjoyable way to play golf.”

The 2024 roster of MGI Golf USA brand ambassadors includes:

  • Jeff Pajula – Stonewall Orchards Country Club
  • JJ Schultz – Overlake Golf and Country Club
  • Jon Pazdera – Cypress Lake Golf Club
  • Kevin Wong – Rolling Hills Country Club
  • Matthew Mores – Claremont Country Club
  • Matt Paulius – Minnesota Valley Country Club
  • Nick Calabrese – Chippanee Country Club
  • Nick Ma – Washtenaw Golf Course

With a legacy built on three decades of experience and best-in-class manufacturing, MGI Golf stands as the unrivaled leader and best-selling electric caddy industry in the U.S., as indicated by a 2023 research study conducted by Longitudes Group. As the company continues to pave the way for innovation and quality, the introduction of the USA Brand Ambassador Program marks a significant milestone in their journey to solidify its position as the premier choice for clubs and players alike.

About MGI Golf
MGI Golf is the premier global authority in electric golf caddies, integrating cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design. Founded in 1993 by Ian Edwards, the family-owned and operated Australian company is fueled by a commitment to innovation, quality and performance. MGI Golf revolutionized the electric caddy industry through patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology, automatic downhill speed control and durable lithium-ion batteries. With recent expansions into North America, MGI Golf successfully entered the U.S. market in 2018 and Canada in 2023. For more information, visit

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