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Stewart Golf promotes “Summer Of Walking”

There are more good reasons than you realize to walk the course

Gloucester, U.K. (June 20, 2024) – The first day of summer, and the longest day of the year, is a fitting time for Stewart Golf to launch its “summer of walking” campaign. According to Stewart Golf—maker of the world’s most innovative electric caddies—there is nothing better for your game than walking the course.

Walking also has deep and spiritual benefits, which are given life in a new video from Stewart Golf—narrated by Ryder Cup legend Sam Torrance OBE—that showcases golfers embracing the sport, playing in all weather conditions, and promoting the reflective nature of enjoying the game on foot. Torrance’s connection with Stewart Golf dates to 2004 when he endorsed the brand at its launch. See video here:

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“This is how golf is meant to be played,” said Torrance. “Walking lets us engage with the course in a truly meaningful way, embracing every sight and sound. Having worked with Stewart Golf since day one, I’m proud to be a part of this video that captures the magic of walking the course.”

Among the strongest arguments in favor of walking is its health benefits. A recent study published in the European Journal of Sports Science reported that walking the course—whether carrying your bag or wheeling either a manual or electric caddie—burns between 650 and 750 calories.

There’s also evidence that walking on grass, rather than driving on cart paths, sharpens your senses and appreciation for your surroundings as well as your skills. Throw in the quiet, the energy, and the communing with nature and it’s no wonder playing the game on foot helps you play it better.

But there’s another reason to walk that doesn’t get the attention it deserves but fits the growing appreciation for golf, notably by the millions who’ve recently come to the game. Done right, walking is more fun.

Done right means not carrying the bag, picking it up, throwing it over one or both shoulders, trudging to the ball, putting the bag down, and repeating that process 50, 60, or 100 times a round. So, if you want to have more fun, use an electric caddie.

“Electric caddies” are three- or four-wheeled, battery-powered machines that carry your bag (and often other paraphernalia) and stay with you step by step thanks to a remote control in your pocket or on your belt. The best of them, like the three models from UK-based Stewart Golf, have no problem going up and down hills, have more than enough power for a round or two, and, most importantly, follow the cardinal rules for human caddies: “Show up, keep up, and shut up.”

Other features of Stewart’s VERTX, X10, and Q Follow caddies include small size and light weight. The top-of-the-line Q Follow series easily folds so compactly it fits in the front of a Porsche. The “MyGolfSpy” website called it the “easiest to fold and carry,” while declaring its follow operation “flawless.” It’s made from a microcellular composite material that is not only light but incredibly strong. And the new Q Carbon Series comes in a choice of three stunning finishes—Red, Blue, and Raw—liquid-ceramic coatings as used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

But what’s really cool about any Stewart Golf electric caddie is you get to walk unencumbered and unworried, knowing your sticks are as close as you want them. No zig-zagging across fairways, no running back for the wrong club, no face-full of your cart partner’s stinky stogie.

Reflecting on the prevalent use of golf carts in the United States, where 80% of golfers ride, Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, sought to capture the unique charm and experience of walking the course.

“While driving away from a video shoot in Florida and having seen countless golfers using riding golf carts, I was struck by the idea of highlighting the magic of walking golf,” Stewart recalls. “I pulled over and jotted down a rough poem, which eventually evolved into the final script. In my mind, I could hear Sam’s melodic Scottish brogue bringing the words to life.”

For more information, access the Stewart Golf website:

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