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Golftec enhances Skytrak experience with course play, game improvement features

Software update to world’s #1 launch monitor allows golfers to play iconic courses, practice on specialized driving ranges

DENVER, CO (June 25, 2024) GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement, today announced the introduction of course play and advanced driving ranges to SKYTRAK, two new features that transform the experience of the world’s #1 selling launch monitor.

Available immediately through a software update, SKYTRAK users now can play some of golf’s most iconic venues, including Pebble Beach Golf Links, while practicing on ranges tailored for specific game refinement.

"SKYTRAK continues to revolutionize the at-home golf experience with unprecedented play and practice environments that enhance golfers’ enjoyment of the game more, while helping them improve faster,” said Jeff Foster, CEO of SKYTRAK.

GOLFTEC acquired SKYTRAK in 2022, and this collaborative innovation reflects the mission to provide golfers with the data and insights needed to enhance their enjoyment and propel improvement.

Key features include:

  • Realistic Course Play: For the first time, SKYRAK users will be able to experience world-class golf play, with the availability of 30 courses. WIth stunning graphics and precise detail, golfers are immersed in true-to-life simulations that mirror the challenges and beauty of the world's most renowned golf courses now within the SKYRAK app.
  • Improvement Driving Ranges:  Developed using nearly three decades of coaching insights and swing data from GOLFTEC’s OptiMotion technology, these advanced practice ranges allow golfers to tailor their sessions to focus on specific areas of improvement.
  • Unique Practice Environments:  Keep every training session engaging and fun with unique scenes.

"We are dedicated to helping golfers unlock their potential and enjoy the game more, and these new features allow them to do so like never before" Foster added.

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GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf improvement, with a global presence of more than 260 locations worldwide and a dedicated team of more than 1,000 Certified Personal Coaches. Founded in 1995, GOLFTEC has been unwavering in its mission to help golfers unlock their potential with innovative instruction - informed by proprietary game improvement technology, including OptiMotion.  GOLFTEC’s innovative system has helped millions of golfers improve by an average of seven shots and gain more than 20 yards off the tee. In 2023, GOLFTEC expanded its portfolio with acquisitions of SKYTRAK and 24/7 Golf. For more information, visit

SKYTRAK is golf’s most popular consumer golf simulator and launch monitor solution. SkyTrak provides accurate, real-time feedback, making it a complete practice, play, and entertainment system for golfers of all skill levels. An excellent solution for consumers, teachers, club fitters, and PGA Professionals, SKYTRAK is a high-quality simulator that captures and displays precise data to reflect actual performance—providing golfers the opportunity to Get Better. Anytime. Anywhere. For more information, visit

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