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Golftec expands international presence with second location in mainland China

Located in Nanshan district, Golftec's second Shenzhen location is intended to meet increased demand amid golf boom in China

SHENZHEN, China (June 27, 2024)  GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement, today announced the opening of its 40th international center and second in mainland China with the unveiling of GOLFTEC Shenzhen MixC World.

GOLFTEC MixC World joins the GOLFTEC Shenzhen Q-Plex location as the second center in the burgeoning Nanshan district of Shenzhen, a metropolitan region of more than 17 million people with a vibrant golf community.


Based in Denver, GOLFTEC now has 262 worldwide locations — with centers in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and Dubai — and helps golfers unlock their potential with innovative instruction, informed by proprietary game improvement technology.

“We’re really proud to open a second center in Shenzhen. The overwhelming support and enthusiasm for our first location made this expansion not just desirable but essential to meet the growing demand for our innovative coaching methods,” said Joe Assell, CEO of GOLFTEC Enterprises. “It is exciting to continue expanding our international footprint, which allows golfers around the world to reach their full potential.”


GOLFTEC Shenzhen MixC World is a 2,500 square-foot facility and includes four hitting bays, which allow members to be taught by the best coaches, practice with the latest technology and get fitted into the right clubs — a system that has helped GOLFTEC students improve by an average of seven shots. The center is equipped with OptiMotion, the innovative motion-capture system that has been used by CBS Sports on its golf telecasts this season, as well as SKYTRAK+ launch monitors, which give coaches the data and insight to provide golfers with clear improvement plans.

GOLFTEC Shenzhen MixC World is staffed by a team of expert coaches, led by Steven Chen.


“The new center will allow us to better serve golfers in Shenzhen. I am honored to lead an excellent team of GOLFTEC-certified coaches who are passionate about helping our students achieve their golf goals and play a part in growing the game that we all love in China,” said Steven Chen, General Manager of GOLFTEC Shenzhen.

GOLFTEC has collected more than six billion data points from millions of swings from years of club fittings, helping coaches tailor every club to every individual, and allowing golfers to gain an average of 20 yards off the tee.

Members also can practice with all of GOLFTEC’s training tools, including OptiMotion, SKYTRAK+ launch monitors and the GOLFTEC app that can record swings, review lessons, track data and provide performance insights.

GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf improvement, with a global presence of more than 260 locations worldwide and a dedicated team of more than 1,000 Certified Personal Coaches. Founded in 1995, GOLFTEC has been unwavering in its mission to help golfers unlock their potential with innovative instruction - informed by proprietary game improvement technology, including OptiMotion.  GOLFTEC’s innovative system has helped millions of golfers improve by an average of seven shots and gain more than 20 yards off the tee. In 2023, GOLFTEC expanded its portfolio with acquisitions of SKYTRAK and 24/7 Golf. For more information, visit