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Cultivating a community of brand advocates

Host Alan Hart interviews Traeger CMO Todd Smith, who discusses understanding your customers, adapting and finding innovative ways to engage

Todd Smith developed a deep respect for brands and brand managers early in his career. After years of working across several different industries, Smith has been CMO at Traeger for the past three years where he spends most of his time working with the sales, product and technology teams to drive innovation in every step of the customer journey

Host Alan Hart and Smith discuss how no matter what you’re selling, it’s all about understanding who are you trying to reach and working to build a connection. Smith is passionate about cultivating a community of advocates and is always trying to adapt and come up with new ways to engage.

[03:30] How Todd Smith became CMO at Traeger
[07:00] Marketing across different industries
[07:35] How is the role of CMO defined at Traeger
[08:20] what is the Traegerhood?
[11:20] Marketings role in fostering community
[14:45] How Traeger is building a long-lasting customer journey
[16:40] Transitioning distribution channels 
[17:50] Leveraging collaborations in product and marketing 
[20:00] Product innovation as a growth driver
[23:00] The “coaching tree” and how it guides Smith's decision making
[24:50] The importance of valuing relationships
[25:55] Staying up to speed by being close to the consumers
[27:00] Companies to watch 
[29:30] Evolving the way you reach your consumer