PGA/LPGA Professional Spotlight

Ciaran Carr

General Manager, Wintonbury Hills Golf Course

Ciaran Carr

Title: General manager, Wintonbury Hills Golf Course, Bloomfield, Connecticut.
Years as a PGA Professional: 22.
Top achievements / honors: Bill Strausbaugh Award, Connecticut Section PGA (2015).

Website: Wintonbury Hills

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What app is a must-have on your phone? V1 and PGA Coach.
What books would you recommend? "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect," by Bob Rotella.
Who is your favorite golfer? Shane Lowry.
What podcasts would you recommend? "No Laying Up," "The Golfer's Journal Podcast," and "Get a Grip" with Shane Bacon.
What is your most memorable round of golf? Royal County Down on a February day, 62 degrees and watching the sun blanket the Mourne mountains and light up the church steeple in the town.

The First Call: What made you want to pursue a career in golf?
Ciaran Carr: I fell in love with golf and I wanted to share that passion with all.

TFC: What is your favorite instructional tip to share with a golfer?
CC: Golf is like a magic trick, once you learn the trick, practice. The movement is like skipping a rock, learn to use the right side of brain,

TFC: What advice do you have for someone considering a career in golf?
CC: Go in with an open mind realising your goals may change during the process, but your passion will make it a lifelong career that is very rewarding personally and professionally.

TFC: What is the best advice you have received on your career path?
CC: Don't become a dinosaur, keep improving your knowledge of the game and realize you never will know it all

TFC: Is there a particular area of your job that you find most rewarding?
CC: The look on a student face when they are exceeding their greatest expectations and I know Ive help make a lifelong player.

TFC: What is one challenge you currently see in the industry? Thoughts on how to address it?
CC: Introducing golf into sections of the U.S. that either don't have access or funding to start to learn. Bringing golf into these communities by bringing golf to them using products like SNAG and setting up small courses in open areas. Club ownership would have to be engaged and promote their professional to take the time to build on this endeavor.

TFC: Do you have a preferred style or philosophy for teaching golf?
CC: I like to focus on the essence of the swing, an overall view of what a swing looks like. And although fundamentals are important, teaching new and experienced players to practice using their right side of brain to stop trying to think their way through the swing.

TFC: Where is there room for growth within the industry?
CC: Although we are on the right path, growth for women and minorities are areas of potential growth.

TFC: When you look at your career, in what area(s) do you believe you have evolved for the better? And how so?
CC: Initially I wanted to teach, but I found that I have a love of the business side of the game and enjoy the management aspect. This has allowed me to climb to more significant leadership roles and my ultimate passion of mentoring the next generation of great PGA Professionals.

TFC: How does being a PGA/LPGA Professional add value to your brand?
CC: The PGA logo means expertise and masters of the game. Most golfers view this status as an elite member of the golf community. PGA members are known to be trustworthy and friendly, and as a Master PGA Professional my standing within the community is elevated.