PGA/LPGA Professional Spotlight

Ben Mackey

Regional Manager, Golfzon Social

Ben Mackey Headshot.jpg
Ben Mackey

Title: Regional Manager, Golfzon Social.
Previous position: General Manager, ZStrict.
Years as a PGA Professional: 6.

Facebook: Golfzon Social
Instagram: @golfzon_social | @zstrict_hq
Twitter: @GolfzonSocial
Website: |

Who is your favorite golfer? Brooks Koepka.
What is your most memorable round of golf? Playing the Old Course at St. Andrews with my father.

The First Call: What made you want to pursue a career in golf?
Ben Mackey: Love of the game and upward mobility.

TFC: What is your favorite instructional tip to share with a golfer?
BM: Keep it simple. Do not overthink and do not overload yourself with ideas and movements that you don't understand.

TFC: What advice do you have for someone considering a career in golf?
BM: Do not overlook non-traditional avenues within the golf industry. Being a PGA Professional or working in the golf industry is so much more than being a head professional at a green grass facility. There are so many avenues and opportunities if you are open minded and willing to stretch the boundaries.

TFC: What is the best advice you have received on your career path?
BM: Don't settle and never get comfortable. The minute you settle for something that is convenient or comfortable you'll never achieve your goals or surpass expectations.

TFC: Is there a particular area of your job that you find most rewarding? If so, please explain.
BM: I find the expansion of golf in non-traditional avenues to be very rewarding. In the golf simulator space I am able to give so many more people the opportunity to experience the game. We have been able to make golf so much more accessible to people from all walks of life, especially minorities and underprivileged demographics. We give non golfers or people who are hesitant because of the perception of "golf" a different outlet to experience and understand why golf is such a fantastic sport.

TFC: What is one challenge you currently see in the industry? Thoughts on how to address it?
BM: The main challenge is changing with the times. Golf is stuck with the perception of being upper class and stuffy and it really discourages people from getting into the game. The industry as a whole needs to reevaluate what it means to be a golfer or a golf facility and make it more approachable for everyone.

TFC: Where is there room for growth within the industry?
BM: The non green grass segment is ripe for growth. We are able to give more lessons and be more effective in a much more efficient manner. Also the technology gives us the ability to appeal to more people and gives them different ways to experience the game of golf other than playing nine or 18 holes.

TFC: When you look at your career, in what area(s) do you believe you have evolved for the better? And how so?
BM: I have evolved the most as an instructor especially when it comes to introducing juniors to the game. I have been able to work with kids from all walks of life and have really been able to tailor my approach based on the personalities and motivations of each particular student. I have been able to get young kids excited about a sport that otherwise they would have completely written off.

TFC: How does being a PGA Professional add value to your brand?
BM: Being a PGA professional adds a level of professionalism and excellence. It is the industry standard and helps to elevate all my facilities.

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