PGA/LPGA Professional Spotlight

Christopher Runyan

Director of Golf, Circling Raven Golf Club

Christpher Runyan.jpg
Christopher A. Runyan

Title: Director of Golf, Circling Raven Golf Club, Worley, Idaho.
Years as a PGA Professional; 27.
Top achievements / honors: PGA National Patriot Award (2020).

Facebook: Circling Raven Golf Club
Instagram: @circlingravengolfclub

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What app is a must-have on your phone? GolfLogix.
What book would you recommend? Bob Rotella's "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect."
Who is your favorite golfer? Tiger Woods
What is your most memorable round of golf? Playing Congressional Country Club in the PGA HOPE tournament.

The First Call: What made you want to pursue a career in golf?
Christopher Runyan: Love of the game.

TFC: What is your favorite instructional tip to share with a golfer?
CR: Paul Runyan's toe-down method for chipping.

TFC: What advice do you have for someone considering a career in golf?
CR: It is a hard road to get to membership, but it is well worth it when you get to the top.

TFC: Is there a particular area of your job that you find most rewarding?
CR: The employees and seeing them achieve their goals, and the customer service.

TFC: What is one challenge you currently see in the industry?
CR: The amount of information about the golf swing on the internet. Most swing techniques are designed to help a very small portion of the golfing public. Don't take golf swing medicine if your swing is not sick.

TFC: Do you have a preferred style or philosophy for teaching golf?
CR: The same thing that works for someone else might not be the fix for you.

TFC: Where is there room for growth within the industry?
CR: Proper fitting of golf equipment.

TFC: When you look at your career, in what area do you believe you have evolved for the better?
CR: Customer service. You have to have a servant's heart to want to become a golf professional.

TFC: How does being a PGA Professional add value to your brand?
CR: I am the most informed person at my facility about the game and business of golf.