IdeasLab announces signing of K.J. Choi as advisor and unveils golf’s first markerless swing analysis app called XView

Demos of XView available at booth 2079 at the PGA Show

[NEW YORK, NY]— IdeasLab, an innovator in artificial intelligence, announces the signing of eight-time PGA Tour Champion, K.J. Choi, as advisor and the company’s first outside investor. The company, specializing in building disruptive applications around sports, fitness and human motion. Its inaugural product, XView, provides golf coaches and their students the equivalent of a 3D studio on their phone. 

While most current solutions capture biomechanics or club tracking, XView stands as a milestone in golf swing analysis technology. The iPhone app delivers the industry's first comprehensive, markerless swing analysis solution that tracks not only the body, but also the clubhead, and club shaft while transforming complex data into visually intuitive and actionable insights.  

“We are honored to have the legendary and trailblazing K.J. Choi help guide us on this unprecedented journey into the future, said CEO and Founder Winston Yang. “He shares our vision of bringing meaningful change to the world of golf and provides us with incredible experience and wisdom in unlocking the value of our technology.”

K.J. Choi’s son David was intrigued by a post about XView on social media and reached out to IdeasLab. “With one video, I was able to identify and solve a problem in my swing,” said KJ Choi. “I’ve used all kinds of technology in my golf career and was impressed by how XView makes something so complex (the golf swing) seem so simple to understand. I believe XView is the future of golf.”

The company believes that combining the power of their deep tech presented in a simple and intuitive manner is the key to unlocking a massive opportunity to disrupt and democratize access to high quality golf instruction. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use and understand our technology,” said Teddy Zee, COO and Co-Founder. “Seeing is believing.”

Key Features of XView:

State-of-the-Art Technology: XView is built on multiple proprietary AI models trained by millions of images and videos that not only automates the mundane and necessary steps required by most existing apps but will also deliver more detailed layers of analysis and golf instruction. 

User-Friendly Interface: Sleek and intuitive, XView ensures a seamless user experience, catering to both coaches and students by creating a more compelling and engaging learning experience personalized for every golfer.

Unlocking Incredible Savings of Time, Convenience, and Money: Equipment, sensors, gear, and software typically used to analyze a swing can be costly, cumbersome and time consuming. XView serves as a full 3D studio that fits in your pocket, replacing it all at a fraction of the price while also saving time through automation driven by AI. 

Golf is Only the Beginning: IdeasLab will target other sports, fitness, and wellness areas over the coming years replicating the key successes and learnings from XView’s foray in the golf industry.

IdeasLab will showcase the XView experience at Booth 2079 at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL from January 23 to 26, 2024. The premium version of the app that targets coaches will be available in the App Store later in the month.

About the Founders:

Winston Yang combines his lifelong passion for innovation and AI with sports, by developing cutting-edge AI technologies to elevate the golf instruction. With over 25 years of applied software engineering experience, Winston has worked at Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University and taught both undergraduate and graduate-level courses in numerical computing, algorithms, and systems architecture.

Teddy Zee is a Hollywood producer and former studio executive. The films he developed or supervised have earned over $1.6 billion in revenue. They include Pursuit of Happiness, Hitch, Charlie’s Angels, Anaconda, Cable Guy, and Indecent Proposal. Over the past decade, Teddy has worked at the intersection of technology, content and commerce. He has advised scores of companies including Vizio, Ford Models, SM Entertainment (KPOP), Tapas Media, SmartStudy (Baby Shark), and Ooyala. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and BS from Cornell.

Winston and Teddy have known each other for over 15 years and their partnership is driven by a passion for golf and the opportunity to drive meaningful change. Winston leads the development of key technologies in IdeasLab’s portfolio while Teddy drives strategy and business development.

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