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AGM Presents July 2024 webinars dedicated to elevating your retail operation

Rocklin, CA - Join the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) this July for a series of webinars tailored to merchandisers and buyers looking to elevate their golf retail operations to new heights. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of critical retail elements, from analyzing consumer behavior across generations to understanding the intricacies of apparel manufacturing and optimizing inventory management.

The upcoming webinars are complimentary for AGM members and registration for non-members is available for $25 per session. As part of AGM’s commitment to continuous education and professional development, PGA members are eligible for 1 education credit for each webinar, while LPGA members can earn 2 credits of education per webinar.

July Webinars: 

Understanding Customers Across the Generations

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Presenter: Nicole Leinbach, Founder & Publisher, Retail Minded
Description: Embark on an enlightening exploration of consumer behavior with esteemed retail expert Nicole Leinbach. Dive deep into the diverse preferences and expectations of different generational cohorts as Nicole unveils invaluable insights and strategies aimed at understanding and engaging customers across various age groups. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your customer engagement practices and propel your business toward unparalleled success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailored Engagement: Learn how to customize your marketing and sales strategies to effectively reach and resonate with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.
  • Behavioral Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique purchasing behaviors and preferences of each generation.
  • Future Trends: Discover emerging trends and future predictions in generational consumer behavior to stay ahead of the curve.

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What Makes a Great Apparel Product?

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Presenter: Susi Proudman, Founder of Williams Athletic Club

Description: Understanding apparel starts with understanding how products are made, as the choices brands make in their production process will ultimately drive the satisfaction of your customers. This seminar will explore key factors in apparel manufacturing, such as fiber selection, which drives performance; yarn spinning techniques that affect quality and hand feel; and the decision between knit or woven performance. Additionally, this seminar will examine how coloring and printing methods affect durability and washability and the role of finishes in aiding performance. Overall, understand how these processes influence end-use performance, quality and cost in the golf apparel business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the critical factors in assessing apparel
  • Key questions to ask and what ideal answers are
  • Red flags to identify in apparel products

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Managing Inventory for 2024

Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Presented by: Cathy Donovan Wagner, CEO RETAILMavens

Description: Stay ahead of the curve this year! Join Cathy Donovan Wagner from RETAILMavens as we explore cutting-edge inventory management strategies. Learn how to maximize sales by effectively managing best-selling items and optimize profitability through maintaining an ideal balance of inventory levels, ensuring your business remains agile and competitive in the evolving retail landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to grow sales by managing best sellers
  • How to grow profit by having the right amount of the right inventory at the right time
  • The bonus strategy that will boost the efficiency of the first two strategies!

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Boost Your Retail Career with AGM’s Certified Retail Manager Program – Retail Strategies and Visual Merchandising Seminars Available in July

The Certified Retail Manager Program represents a pivotal leap in golf retail management education, blending cutting-edge technology integration and customer relationship strategies with foundational retail management principles.

Tailored to meet the evolving challenges of the golf retail industry, this program empowers participants with actionable insights and skills for merchandise planning, inventory control, and driving profitability. 

As a beacon for forward-thinking professionals aiming to elevate their career and facility's success, the AGM’s Certified Retail Manager program offers a comprehensive curriculum, personalized mentorship, and exclusive networking opportunities, setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in golf retail.

Certified Retail Manager July Seminars:

Visual Merchandising Seminar

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024

Time: 2pm EST / 11am PST

Instructor: Tracy Edgemon

This session covers the basic principles of effective Visual Merchandising from floor layout and fixtures to the importance of telling a story with your displays and props. Photos of AGM Platinum Award Winning Golf Shops and more will be used as examples of the best practices in Visual Merchandising. This seminar focuses on:

  • The importance of telling a story in your displays
  • Building creative displays through color, folding, and props
  • Effective floor layout and fixturing

Prerequisites: None

Retail Strategies 301: Developing an Inventory Plan and Open-to-Buy

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Time: 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST

Instructors: Tracy Moffatt / Justine Gray

This hands-on workshop focuses on developing a sound inventory plan for your facility and walks you through how to create an Open-to-Buy. This advanced session covers:

  • Forecasting Retail Sales, Cost of Sales, and Turnover to arrive at an average inventory level for your facility.
  • How to create a monthly inventory plan for your facility
  • Bring your metrics to this workshop and leave with a series of spreadsheets that can be used at your facility. 

Prerequisites: Retail Strategies 101 and 201

Retail Strategies 401: Masters Class on Open-to-Buy Utilization

Dates:  Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST

Thursday, July 25, 2024 at 2pm EST / 11am PST

Instructors: Tracy Moffatt / Justine Gray

This is the final session presented by the AGM for the Retail Manager Certification program. Bring the spreadsheets created from Retail Strategies 301: Developing an Inventory Plan Workshop to this class. This master class focuses on:

  • Utilization of the Total Shop Open to Buy Plan developed in Retail Strategies 301 for order placement and inventory management
  • How to develop an Open to Buy plan for every department
  • Focus on Vendor Analysis and Buying Plans
  • Trains on how to use the Open-to-Buy for order placement and inventory management

Perquisites: Retail Strategies 101, 201 and 301


Program Pricing: AGM Members: $999 / Non-AGM Members: $1,199 (includes 1-year AGM membership). 

About the Association of Golf Merchandisers

The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM), a leading global professional organization, boasts over 850 buyers and 175 vendors committed to advancing the golf merchandising industry. Recognized for excellence, AGM aims to elevate retail standards, enhance industry relationships, and deliver continuous education. Our focus lies on key metrics, visual merchandising, promotions, and buying strategies, fostering profitable collaborations between golf retail buyers and vendors.

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