The 19th Hole with Michael Williams

Nick Jonas, Renee Parsons talk PXG collaboration

Music entertainer and PXG Apparel president join host Michael Williams to talk about how they fused their respective passion for golf and fashion into a partnership

Golf has always been a favorite pastime for celebrities. From Frank Sinatra to Alice Cooper, celebs have found golf to be a place for fun and escape from the spotlight. Add versatile entertainer Nick Jonas to the list.

Jonas is as passionate about golf as he is a fan of fashion, and he expresses his love for both in a new apparel collaboration with PXG. Jonas is a member of Scottsdale National Golf Club, which is owned by PXG founder Bob Parsons and his wife Renee, who is president and executive creative director of PXG Apparel.

Host Michael Williams talks with both Jonas and Renee Parsons about their shared love of golf and fashion, and their new partnership with PXG.

[0:20] Host Michael Williams' opening monologue 
[11:30] Renee Parsons' early life and career
[16:55] Parsons' vision for PXG apparel
[24:26] Who wears PXG?
[40:15] Nick Jonas and his love of golf
[44:10] Jonas' partnership with PXG
[47:00] Jonas' favorite golfer and what's on his bucket list