The Competitive Edge

Co-founders share how their sports background helped launch LoopGolf

Host Kelly Okun debuts "The Competitive Edge" podcast with guests Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum

Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum, LoopGolf Co-founders, share their stories on Kelly Okun's "The Competitive Edge" podcast.
LoopGolf Co-founders Thomas Reinholm (left) and Matt Rum (right) enjoy a round of golf while testing their betting app.

Welcome to the debut episode of "The Competitive Edge: Sports Shaping Business." Host Kelly Okun speaks with Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum about their respective sports backgrounds and how their experiences allowed them to successfully launch LoopGolf, a golf betting cash app.

Learn how these co-founders motivated themselves to keep going when the work got tough. Plus, they share some useful mental game tips for the next time you need to sink a putt under pressure.

[4:35] Life lessons from sports
[9:32] Golf mindset and entrepreneurship
[14:47] Navigating the biggest challenges
[20:56] Celebrating small victories
[23:17] Starting LoopGolf
[26:34] What's next for LoopGolf
[27:22] LoopGolf Overview