The Competitive Edge

Lie + Loft combining golf, art and the outdoors

Founder Luke Davis joins host Kelly Okun to talk about where he gets his inspiration and accomplishments along his golf journey

Luke Davis, founder of Lie + Loft, poses in front of some golf artwork.

"The Competitive Edge: Sports Shaping Business" host Kelly Okun speaks with Lie + Loft founder Luke Davis, who graduated from North Carolina State University's PGA Golf Management program and eventually launched his own business combining golf and art.

Hear how his experiences have helped him succeed in this venture to combine art and golf outside of the green-grass space and what he's up to next to integrate the outdoors into the golf market.

[2:38] Overcoming failure through sports
[4:35] Inspiration behind Lie + Loft
[6:10] Sentiment behind golf courses
[7:50] Big challenges in entrepreneurship
[11:58] Not-so-small victories
[15:30] What's next for Lie + Loft