The Drop

Titleist's new TSR hybrids boost performance, playability

TaylorMade's Stealths makes loud debut; L.A.B. Golf introduces blade-style putter; Cleveland Golf's Bloom designed for women

Titleist's TSR2 and TSR3 hybrid group.

The Drop: Titleist introduces its TSR2 and TSR3 hybrids, which will make their PGA Tour debut this week at The American Express in California.

What They’re Saying: "TSR2 and TSR3 hybrids offer players options at the top end of the bag. Players can choose between the more classical shape and high launch of the TSR2 or the refined profile and adjustability of the TSR3. Both clubs provide a fast, forgiving, and high-launching long-iron alternative that gives the golfer the confidence to pull off any shot." — Tom Bennett, Titleist principal product manager for fairways and hybrids

> The TSR2 is designed for increased speed and forgiveness. It features an extended blade length, a deeper center of gravity (CG), and a reimagined sole shape. And it’s built with head weight adjustability.
> The TSR3 was made with precision and workability in mind, the company says. It has a flatter shot trajectory and a smaller head than the TSR2, with a tour-inspired shape, often preferred by better players. To further dial in trajectory and shot shape, the TSR3 features the company’s 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System.
> Both models have new sole relief pockets, which, according to the company, are designed to move the club faster through all rough conditions, heavy or light. Less surface area means less friction and less chance to drag or grab, which the company says will result in smooth turf interaction from the fairway.

Lofts: TSR2 (18°, 21° and 24°), TSR3 (19°, 21° and 24°).
Shaft Offerings:
Tensei 1K black 85/95g HY: Features a premium 1K carbon fiber weave and new Xlink resin system with matte clear finish. Low launch and low spin.
— Hzrdus black 4G 80/90g HY: Designed for a low-mid launch with new Dual Torsion design and firm tip section. Low-mid launch and low spin.
— Tensei AV blue 65g HY: Uses same Xlink resin system as the 1K black, but with a mid-tip section stiffness for mid launch. Mid launch and mid spin.
— Hzrdus red 60g HY: Mid-high launching with less firm tip section, also made with Dual Torsion design and matte clear finish. Mid-high launch and mid spin.

Price / Availability: $299. Available for fittings and presale starting Feb. 2 and in golf shops on Feb. 23.


TAYLORMADE GOLF: Stealth 2 Drivers
The Drop: TaylorMade brings to market the second generation of Stealth drivers with the Stealth 2, Stealth 2 Plus, Stealth 2 HD and Stealth 2 HD Women’s.

What They’re Saying: "There are two main ways to produce forgiveness in a driver, by optimizing the face and by optimizing the body. Building off the 60X Carbon Twist Face in the original Stealth that led to ball speed gains for golfers across various skill levels, with Stealth 2 we challenged ourselves to bring more forgiveness in each of the three models." — Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade senior director of product creation 

> Stealth 2 is the first driver in TaylorMade’s history that has more carbon (including composites) than any other material by volume. TaylorMade has gradually increased the usage of carbon over the last five years and when compared to first generation Stealth there is a 75% increase in carbon in Stealth 2 Plus and nearly double in Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD.
> In the Stealth 2 Plus, weight savings resulted in the use of a 15g sliding weight track designed to help golfers dial in shot shape. The company says the Stealth 2 Plus is the lowest spinning driver in the family. 
> The Stealth 2 is designed for high MOI with a heavy 25g tungsten weight positioned in the rear of the clubhead. Another weight is located on the sole that the company says will result in optimal launch and spin.
> In Stealth 2 HD, the heavy 30g weight closer is positioned closer to the heel, designed to creati high launch and draw bias with extreme MOI. The company says the Stealth 2 HD is the most forgiving driver in the family. 
> The Stealth 2 HD Women’s is lighter weight and designed for clubhead speed, high launch and draw bias.

Stealth 2 Plus
> Lofts: 8, 9 and 10.5 degrees.
> Shafts: Mitsubishi Kai’li Red 60 (X, S, R) and Project X Hzrdus Black (Gen 4) 60 (X/6.5, S/6.0).
> Grips: Golf Pride Z-Grip Plus 2 Black/Red (52g).

Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD
> Lofts: 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees.
> Shafts: Stealth 2, Fujikura Ventus red TR 5 (S, R, A) and Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60 (X, S, R); Stealth 2 HDm Fujikura Speeder NX red 60 (S) and 50 (R, A).
> Grips: Golf Pride Z-Grip Plus 2 black/red (52g) grip.

Stealth 2 HD Women
> Lofts: 10.5 and 12 degrees.
> Shafts: Aldila Ascent Ladies 45.
> Grips: Lamkin Ladies Sonar (38g).

Price / Availability: Stealth 2 Plus, $629.99; Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD, $599.99. All models are available for preorder now and will be available at retail Feb. 17.


L.A.B. GOLF: Link.1 Putter
The Drop: L.A.B. Golf, a high-end putter manufacturer whose line previously consisted of mallet designs, introduces a blade-style putter called the Link.1.

What They’re Saying: "So many golfers love the look of blade-style putters, but they’re not always the best for making putts. What we did with Link.1 was honor the shape of these legendary putters but make them dramatically easier to use by adding Lie Angle Balance." — L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn.

> The company says that Lie Angle Balance allows the putter face to stay square to each player’s lie angle throughout the stroke without the need for any manipulation of the putter.
> The Link.1 is engineered with 303 stainless steel and is 100% milled with four screws on the toe side of the putter and six on the heel side, which the company says allows for a wide range of length and lie options.
> The Link.1 Custom is available in a number of customizable options, including lengths of 29-38 inches and lie angles from 65 to 75 degrees. Customers are also offered the choice of eight alignment options, along with upgrade shafts and grips.
> Link.1 Stock is available with a lie angle of 69 degrees and lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. It comes with a matte black steel shaft and L.A.B. Golf’s new Simple Rubber putter grip.

Price: Link.1 Custom starts at $559, depending on the level of customization. Link.1 Stock is $469.


The Drop: Cleveland Golf introduces Bloom, a packaged set of clubs designed for beginning and intermediate women golfers.

What They’re Saying: "This set is ideal for women new to the game who want to hit the course and play right away. This set provides all the tools necessary to build confidence on the course and is at a great price point/" — Haley Wian, Cleveland Golf business planning manager

> The Bloom set includes a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 7-iron through sand wedge, and putter. All the clubs are designed for maximum forgiveness, easier launch and more distance.
> Available in two colorways, each set comes standard with matching headcovers for the driver, fairway wood, hybrid and putter. The Bloom cart bag combines style and function with eight zippered pockets and a detachable valuables wristlet. The grey/blue colorway is available in right- and left-handed options, while the black/pink option is available in right hand only.

Price: $799.