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Masters aftermath — the good, the bad ... there was no ugly

The First Call readers offer their perspectives on the recent Masters won by Scottie Scheffler

The Masters
Scottie Scheffler with the trophy of Augusta National Golf Club after winning the Masters on April 10, 2022.

> Question of the Week [April 11-17]: What were your thoughts of this year's Masters — likes, dislikes, favorite moment?

In the magazines and newspapers and on radio and TV, everything is Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. I like the guy, but I’m sick of the over abundance of Tiger ass-kissing. Was I watching the Masters or the Tiger World Open? 

Good lord, there were 85-plus other golfers out there. From what I saw there were 10 seconds of TV time given to one of the amateurs. Shameful.

Ed Randolph
Plymouth, Michigan

Everything was great — coverage was superb. Only bad thing is the fake bird calls. Silly at this point. I’m a birder, and have been to the Masters. There are no birds that sound like that anywhere near Augusta, and few birds of any kind calling mid-afternoon.

Dan Biederman
Chappaqua, New York

Rory [McIlroy] and Collin [Morikawa] both holing out bunker shots on 18 on Sunday. We may never see something like that again. The only thing that may have topped that 
would have been if both shots were to make a playoff. Now that would have been spectacular.

Craig Libhart
Bainbridge, Pennsylvania

Sorry to see, as most were, [Cameron] Smith dunk his tee shot on 12 during the final round. Of course, much more interesting after that if he didn't.

Jim Cole  
Surfside Beach, South Carolina

I thought the sound was terrible on the Master’s telecast. At first, I thought it was just ESPN, but the same thing happened with CBS. They would play music so loud you couldn’t hear what the broadcasters were saying, then CBS kept their microphones open and would pick up all kinds of extraneous noises. I thought it was the worst Masters telecast I’ve ever watched.

Matt Eichinger 
San Antonio, Texas

Masters was OK, it was never great. I wait for it all year and I knew it was over after Scottie Scheffler's chip shot on No. 3 in Sunday's final round. Coverage had a little too much Tiger Woods — though a wonderful achievement by Tiger. When the chalk wins, always boring, no real surprises. Still my favorite tournament. 

Jimmy O’Malley
Needham, Massachusetts

First, I have no idea what there may be to dislike about the Masters — first major of the golf season; most of the world’s best golfers present; miraculous shots; hard misses that show forth a pros humanness; new friends bond and old friends reunite; Jack [Nicklaus], Gary [Player] and Tom [Watson]; laughter and tears (thank you Scottie for showing both); and mental and physical toughness through pain.

Thank you pros for setting a shining example of what it means to not quit in the face of adversity. That though we may not hit a perfect shot or the ball takes a bad bounce like life, the game goes on and perseverance matters.

Don Moore
Warren, Pennsylvania

It was wonderful to see Tiger [Woods] playing again, particularly at the Masters. It's great for him and great for the game. Scottie Scheffler has been on a phenomenal ride. He will be a great champion and role model for the youngsters taking up this game. All in all a great Masters with a bit of drama again on the second nine!

Dan Casanta                                   
Southbury, Connecticut

Only one dislike. The 15th hole played as a three-shot hole most of the week. We needed more Sunday magic on 13 and 15.  

Ken Venezio
Fort Worth, Texas

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Epic Masters week as usual. No golf course or golf tournament showcases better. Fabulous sportsmanship, exemplary patron behavior and, simply put, a total appreciation of our great game. There is no better week and the tournament always lives up to our expectations. I was very pleased to see the perfect weather on Sunday, which provided us all the many jaw-dropping views of this stunning property and botanical garden. It was an appropriate way to complete my favorite week of the year along with a very worthy champion.  

Reid Farrill
Toronto, Canada

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