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Stepping up to the music

Readers of The First Call offer an eclectic list of songs they would like to hear when stepping up to the first tee; a deeper dive on divots; and why we just need to quit the hate

Zurich Classic
Justin Rose takes in the music at the 2018 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, which introduces players with their walk-up song of choice at the first tee.

Question of the week [Oct. 24-30]:  Just like in Major League Baseball, if you could have a walk-up song, what would it be and by which artist or group? 

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"Roll Me Away" by Bob Seger. Especially the line, "Next time, we'll get it right."

Ron Nabity
Lincoln, California 

Walk up music: L7 — "Can I Run"

Tom Tays
West Des Moines, Iowa

I am a huge hard rock fan and could name numerous bands and songs, but if I had to name one band, it would be anything from Rage Against the Machine. "Killing in the Name" would probably be my go-to song. 

Ed Ruper
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

“Welcome to the Jungle”. by Guns and Roses. Although my preference is no golf course music.

Barry Duckworth 
Knoxville, Tennessee 

My walk-up song would be "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" by ZZ Top.

Steve Jensen
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Molly Hatchett: "Flirtin' With Disaster"

Tom Wolfe
Fairfax Station, Virginia

It would have to be "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz.

Ron Ariana
Chicago, Illinois

"Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey, with Steve Perry, on my earbuds, with the volume set to 11.

Steve Saunders
San Diego, California

Stealing from Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly, "I ain't as good as I once was," by Toby Keith.

Mark Kazich
Darien, Illinois

Once a player's ball reaches the green, the player may mark it and clean it. Then they should never touch it again unless it's in someone's line, at which time the ball is marked and replaced.  Also, if the ball is not directly in another player's line, it must be holed — the old continuous putting rule. 

I don't agree with relief from a divot. What will be the definition of a divot? Is a divot that has been seeded and has some grass growth a relief area? And what about divots in the rough? Relief there too? Too subjective. Or play lift, clean and place all the time. No divot issues. Play it as it lies or LCP. There's not an in between.  

Charlie Jurgonis
Waterbury, Connecticut

If the rules allowed a free drop from a divot hole in the fairway just "to be fair," then why not require a ball perched in a good lie in the rough be moved to a bad lie?

Brent Rector 
Grand Rapids, Michigan

In regards to the rule change most of your readers would like to see, just as a matter of accuracy, a divot is the piece of turf removed from the ground. The indentation that is left in the ground is a divot hole.

Martin Gilmore
Nashville, Tennessee

There is enough hate and vitriol being flung around due to U.S. politics. Listen, if you don’t like LIV Golf ... fine. If you like LIV … fine. Don’t watch it; watch it. Just get over it and stop with the hate, there’s enough of it going around already. 

Steve Hoffman
Bonita Springs, Florida

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