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With the pressure on, what's your go-to shot?

Readers of The First Call share the shot they are most confident hitting when it's needed the most

Omega European Masters 2016
From tee to green, The First Call readers have a diverse range of shots to call on.

Question of the week [Nov. 7-13]:  What is the one shot you are most confident in hitting — with what club and why?
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My most confident shot is a bump-and-run from 50 feet. To a mid-back pin with my 50-degree gap wedge. I’ve always had decent hands for a short game and have really worked on it the past five years with all my wedges, as my long game, at the age of 69, has deteriorated. I even added the new Calloway Raw 58/8 Z Grind wedge to the bag last month to play those tight Bermuda lies we get in the South. I play half of my golf in South Carolina and Florida. 

Barry Duckworth
Knoxville, Tennessee 

My most confident club is my 5-wood from the fairway. I have hit this well since I was a little kid. I hit it almost as far as my driver. When I’m having issues off the tee, the first thing I do is switch to this club.

Betsy Larey
St Augustine, Florida

Greenside chip from any lie. I read that Sevie [Ballesteros] had commented that you putted these shots if you wanted to get close and chipped them if you wanted it to go in. I decided to try to commit to that about mid-season this year. The positive results were immediate and continue. I use an A wedge that is somewhere between a pitching and lob wedge in loft. It has been easy to keep doing this because the ball seems to go in the hole a whole lot more than it used to.

Baird Heide
Collingwood, Ontario

Six-inch putt. With a putter. Because I am pretty sure I can hole out.

Steve Baker
Sacramento, California

LIV Golf is good for the participants, they can get richer. It's motivated by greed.

The average golfer, the guys who play munis and look for discounts, could care less about the LIV golfers, just like the LIV golfers could care less about the fans.

Larry Ashe
Chicago, Illinois

It has to be a 200-yard power fade off the tee. The reason is that I have my 10-degree TaylorMade driver head set up for a slight fade with a combination of weighting and lead tape. I added a JumboMax oversized grip to keep me from turning the club over.  I then tee up on the right side of the box. Line up about 15 yards left of my target with a slight open face. It works well 90% of the time and it’s my go-to shot under pressure. 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

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