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Will Netflix's 'Full Swing' deliver the drama?

Readers are generally interested in the streaming service's docuseries, similar to the successful F1 'Drive to Survive' series, that followed the PGA Tour — and LIV Golf as a byproduct — throughout 2022


Question of the week [Jan. 16-22]: How interested are you in watching ‘Full Swing,’ the Netflix docuseries that follows golfers on and off the course, including the LIV Golf drama, throughout the 2022 PGA Tour season and debuts Feb. 15?

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Very interested in watching a series about the progression of a golfer, right up to the point that you mentioned LIV and then you lost me. 

LIV is everything that golf is not. Golf has always been about working hard and progressing thru the ranks. It's not about getting paid up front without having to prove yourself. 

Mike Langley
St Thomas, Ontario 

I am interested in watching the first episode of "Full Swing" to see if it is as good as Netflix’s "Drive to Survive" series about F1. If it is as well done, it will be worth watching.

James Brock
Atlanta, Georgia

I am already making the popcorn to go along with watching "Full Swing."

Ed Ruper
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Yes, I'm very interested and looking forward to viewing the series on the PGA Tour — less interested on anything LIV Golf.
John McGinity
Santa Rosa, California

I am interested in following LIV Golf. I like the golfers it has signed to play. I like the team concept, but I'm not sure how the golfers are selected to the teams.

Rick Ellis
Pomona, California

Since I’m not a Netflix follower, chances are I will not be tuning in to "Full Swing." Since so much is available in print and online about every facet of the players — from what clubs they play, what clothes they wear and what toothpaste they use — I don’t think Netflix will be bringing any earth-shattering facts that would keep me on the edge of my seat. How many chin-ups do you need to see Bernhard Langer do? Or what new fad diet Jon Rahm is following? 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

The part of the 2023 golf game I am looking most forward to? [QOTW: New year, new game, Jan. 9-15] Simple, heading to the first tee each and every Sunday morning — don’t worry, 7:30 a.m. Mass — with the various members of our golf group. Whether shooting an 82 or 94, it will be a wonderful day with great friends at Ridge Country Club in Chicago. While the golf game may be slipping, the friendships are solidifying. 

Steve Rosenbaum Sr.
Oak Lawn, Illinois