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Who, if anyone, will win his 1st major in 2023?

Which golfer gets his maiden major in 2023 is anyone's guess, but one TFC reader makes a compelling case that there will be one first-timer — if not multiple winners

Dean & Deluca Invitational 2016
Though Tony Finau has yet to win a major in 26 starts, he has top-five finishes in each of the four championships, and 10 top-10 finishes overall.

Question of the week [Jan. 30-Feb. 5]: A number of players who have yet to win a major championship are showing signs of taking the next step — Max Homa has two wins already this PGA Tour season, Tony Finau has three wins since July, Tom Kim has two wins since August. Will a player win his first major in 2023? If so, who do you believe that player will be?

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There's no question that there will be a first-time major winner this year. It's even more likely that there will be two first time major winners.

Since 2001, 22 years, there has been only one year when there wasn't a first-time major winner — 2014.

There have been five years producing one new major winner, and six years where two major champions were first-timers. But in that time, there have also been seven years where three first timers succeeded in winning a major and three years (2003, 2011 and 2016) where every major winner had never won one before.

So the stats say that there will very likely be a fresh major winner and given the raw talent on tour these days, there will probably be two or more. However, I'm no clairvoyant, so place your own bets and take your 

Rick Nowosad
Calgary, Alberta

I believe Tony Finau will win. Maybe the Masters will be his best chance — great driver distance, accuracy with his long irons and improved putting. 

Ray Talavera
Sebring, Florida 

My pick is that Tony Finau will win his first major this year. Tony has over $34 million in official money earnings and has what it takes to be a major champion. Who can forget his injury in the 2018 Masters and his remarkable bounce back? 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

Xander Schauffele is due. He can win anywhere. Watch for him and Rory McIlroy dueling on the back nine at Augusta National on Sunday. 

Barry Duckworth
Knoxville, Tennessee 

Will Zalatoris.

Paul Wanecski
San Francisco, California

Just another high-stake, three-day, member-guest. [LIV Golf finally has a U.S. TV deal, but will anyone watch?] No interest in watching Greg Norman prancing around a second-grade golf event. 

Brian Nelson
North Haven, Connecticut

It looks like a desperate attempt by the LIV haram to be relevant.

Rick Paulson
Sterling Heights, Michigan

My opinion won’t change. I have no interest in the LIV Golf movement and I most certainly will not watch them on the CW. And I believe many will have the same opinion.

Harry Lovero
Scottsdale, Arizona

The super [elevated] events are going to kill the other tournaments. It is going to be like Triple AAA baseball — all-star events and then no-star events. Sad. I actually like the European events more, plus they are on early in morning when I am working.

Jimmy O’Malley
Needham, Massachusetts

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