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What's in store for the 2023 British Open

Readers of The First Call offer their expectations for the year's final major being held at Royal Liverpool

The 143th Open Championship
A 180-degree porthole view of the 18th hole at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England.

Question of the week [July 10-16]: What are your expectations for this year's British Open at Royal Liverpool?

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I always view the British Open as the unofficial world championship of men’s professional golf. Its look and feel is much more global than any other major. The Open is truly unique and special. My expectations are for a great championship on an iconic links golf course. The Open never disappoints.

Reid Farrill
Toronto, Ontario

What are my expectations for this year’s The Open at Royal Liverpool? Golf. Real golf. Golf where when the ball lands, the fun and excitement is only just beginning. 

Ground game. Shots where the lay of the land between the golfer and the hole dictates the type of shot they might attempt. Wind game. If the wind is up, then the golfer has to shape his shot through the air to compensate.

Looking forward to watching real golf.

Mark Chatfield
Houston, Texas

Tried to watch the U.S. Women's Open. I said tried because if I hear Morgan Pressel's voice one more time, then I am going to jump off the highest bridge I can find.

She has the most shrilling voice I have ever heard in my 79 years on this earth. And she also tends to babble on.

I just couldn’t take it any more, so I had to hit the mute button on my remote and turn on the closed captioning. Even went I read the closed captioning could still hear her voice in my mind.

I am done watching any more LPGA events any time I hear she will be a commentator. 

Hopefully there will be other complaints about her announcing and the network will find someone else.

Arthur Buonopane
Winchester, Massachusetts 

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