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How would you rate 2023's majors?

Readers of The First Call offer their thoughts as to which of the year's grand slam events stood out and why

PGA Championship — Michael Block
PGA Professional Michael Block's tie for 15th at the PGA Championship in late May was one of the year's top major moments.

Question of the week [July 24-30]: Which of the four 2023 majors did you enjoy the most?

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It has to be the Open Championship. Brian Harman was magnificent. I enjoy his course management, shot making, his attitude, short game and putting. I find the Bombers' games boring. I dislike manicured rough and bunkers. Wayward shots should be punished to the full extent of the rules. I dislike free drops for line of sight lies.

Now the second best tournament this year was the Women's U.S. Open. The ladies put on quite a show. There was plenty of punishment for wayward shorts to the full extent of the course. I hope the women play at Merion soon for the Open.

John Riordan
Southport, North Carolina

The best major to watch this year, in my opinion:
No. 1: The Masters
No. 2: The Open Championship 
No. 3: The U.S. Open 
No. 4: The PGA Championship 

Jon Brownell 
Irvine, California 

It varies from year to year, which major I enjoy the most. But this year, the Open Championship is hands down the winner. For a 16-handicapper like myself, it is a joy to watch a tourney where the best players in the world are not on perfectly manicured courses playing target golf. Add to that Brian Harman, kinda everyman-like in his build and his demeanor. Oh, and the ability to watch it early in the day and watch a lot of it.

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Bluffton, South Carolina

PGA Championship at Oak Hill. The PGA of America runs the best tournaments, in my opinion. Plus golf-starved fans put it over the top. Michael Block doing what he did was the cherry on the sundae.

Bob Celli
Longwood, Florida

The Open Championship was the major I enjoyed the most. Although it might be partly because it is the freshest in memory, it is mostly because of the play of Brian Harman in all course conditions. His ball off the tee went mostly where he wanted, his short game was excellent and his putting was exceptional. He may never have another tournament where he will equal his week on the greens. His interviews were also enjoyable and I saw what a good man he is, especially for someone I have called "The Brat" for 20-odd years after watching him as a 14- or 15-year-old amateur with a bad attitude, whose father had to intervene to keep him calmed down.

James Brock
Atlanta, Georgia

Close call, maybe a tie between the two Opens, but British takes it because players were required to play position golf and battle elements. Just enough tension and drama with the chasers testing mental strength of the unproven leader.  

Mike Powers
Powder Springs, Georgia

I enjoyed the PGA Championship the most this year. So great to see a true classic like Oak Hill Country Club on display. The Andrew Green golf course renovation has returned one of  America’s most iconic golf courses to the forefront of championship golf. Despite the early calendar date, this year's tournament was filled with excitement and a worthy champion. The surprise showing by PGA club professional Michael Block, along with his dramatic hole-in-one, was a highlight of this year's four major golf tournaments.

Reid Farrill
Toronto, Ontario
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