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How big of a splash will TGL make?

The indoor league creation of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will open play in January, and has attracted many of the game's top names, but will it stir and hold fans' interest?

TGL — SoFi_Exterior

Question of the week [November 6-12]: How interested are you in the January debut of TGL, the league created by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy?

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So Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy opposed a limited-field, limited-hole golf league (LIV Golf) and then started a limited-field, limited-hole golf league?

Allan Kidd
York, South Carolina

I believe it will be like the XFL in 2019 — big audience the first couple weeks. Then Tiger Woods in week three, Rory McIlroy plays in week four and then a big ratings drop in week five. Might have some sort of international appeal, but I am very skeptical.

Joe Lyons
Alva, Florida

I live in northern Michigan and winter golf has taken off as we have three simulator places. I have a five-month membership at Bay Meadows and it's a new way of golf life for us who are retired and don't go south. Been doing it for four years and the winter really passes faster. My wife loves it also. She says I'm not so grumpy. Really looking forward to the new TGL as simulator golf is getting very popular in winter areas.

Don Thompson
Traverse City, Michigan

I don't like the concept. It isn't really golf. It's another TV grab for money. How does this enhance golf and attract more golfers to the real game?

Like LIV Golf, the camera is never on the golfer long enough to enjoy it.

Jim Will
The Villages, Florida

I have no interest in this league in the same way that I have no 
interest in LIV Golf. Neither have any value in my eyes.

Rick Nowosad
Calgary, Alberta

I have the same level of interest as do Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth and Scotty Scheffler.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Virginia

TGL? Zero interest.

I’m sure that I’ll see a snippet or two of really great shotmaking from TGL events in my email or social media feed, and that will be enough.

Just subscribed to ClubTFE where I will read about great golf architecture and decide where I should try to schedule a golf vacation. WildHorse Golf Club in Nebraska? A Perry Maxwell tour?

Mark Chatfield
Houston, Texas

Unless you are a gambler and can use TGL as a new avenue for placing bets, I can't imagine being excited about it. It's too much like the made-for-TV matches that just won't go away. I may turn it on just to see what it's all about, but I feel zero excitement about it. If roller derby was still on TV it would be a tough choice as to which one to watch.

John Abercrombie
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Not very interested.

Gordon Bradley
Queen Creek, Arizona

My interest in TGL is as much curiosity as it is about golf competition. There are so many questions about what it’s going to look like on TV — the format, how all the personalities are going to mesh, and the the competition itself. I hope they can pull it off.

Myself? Simulator golf has never interested me very much and I think ESPN will have a big challenge on the production. Good luck to everyone involved. I’ll be watching to see how it all works out. 

Barry Duckworth 
Knoxville Tennessee

No interest at all.

Mike Wells
Aiken, South Carolina

I will watch at first to see if I like it, but I consider myself a golfer, so I will watch. This I consider is a made-up show for TV. If I was a dancer, I would maybe watch "Dancing with the Stars," but I'm not, so I don't.   
Rick Smith
Worcester, Massachusetts

This may be the only league less inspiring than LIV. It’s a shame they felt the need to lower the bar. 

Ron Ritchie 
Vernon, British Columbia

[QOTW, October 30-November 5: If the goal of the men's majors is to have the world's best players, then shouldn't the qualification standards for LIV players be reviewed — and possibly changed?]

No LIV golfers should be allowed to play in any of the majors and the Ryder Cup.

Those who joined LIV did so for the money and have no regard for the tradition and legacy of professional golf. How could you allow any LIV golfers to be included when they play in a league that is funded by the Saudis?

They made their choice and good riddance!!

Ken MacKay
Stouffville, Ontario

Nothing short of a hornet’s nest for sure. If the PGA Tour — or whatever they call it today — bends even a little, the subject will be backed up in litigation for years. That is with the exception of the Masters. Fred Ridley and his committee will do whatever they choose. It’s still an invitational remember. 

From a selfish perspective, I would like to see the top 124 players in the world tee it up in every major event regardless of which tour they participate in. 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

Yes, the LIV golfers should be considered for the majors. Using the TUGR rankings is a simple way to allow them to compete. Otherwise, the majors can no longer claim they are hosting the best players in the world. 

Paul Pettit
Rockwall, Texas 

[QOTW, October 23-29: Can there be such a thing as too much golf?]

Having been a PGA rules official for 25 years and working for NBC and CBS for the same period of time, I was very disappointed when they moved the Tour Championship up into August and shortened the qualifying season. 

Most of the players of note choose to skip the fall events. Yes, they have qualifying points, but the purses are smaller and there is a diminished interest, both in person and on television. Better to keep the season longer, play the Tour Championship in late September and then give the players time off until the Hawaii swing begins in January. 

Every other sport, except golf, has an offseason and is not played year round. Fine to have some charity or one-off events, such as the new Grant Thornton or Champions Tour World Champions Cup. Also, having ladies play in traditionally men’s events (Lexi Thompson, Annika Sorenstam) do very little to add to viewership or interest.  

So the PGA Tour will have 36 events and the LPGA 33 next season. The difference is the LPGA has a true season-ending event in December.  It also has a more international membership and the schedule is quite demanding with all the international travel.  

Bottom line, in my opinion, is that the PGA Tour messed up its schedule and playoff criteria with the shortened season, elevated points in season-ending events and the format of the Tour Championship. Bring the top 30 to the Tour Championship and have no advantage for the season’s points. Every other sport functions this way, all the way down to pee wee baseball.

Larry Hone
Ft Myers, Florida

Except for a few top names playing scattered events during the fall season due to sponsor obligations, most top 50 players have packed it in and so should we.

William Finger
Fort Myers, Florida

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