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The shots that fray your nerves

A recovery shot from a fairway bunker? A chip to a tight pin placement? A short putt just outside of gimme range? Readers of The First Call share what shots they find to be the most difficult

Hero Indian Open 2018
Bunkers on the 11th fairway of the DLF Golf and Country Club in Gurgaon, India.

Question of the week [January 29 – Feb. 4]: In your opinion, what is the most difficult shot in golf to execute?

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Short chip shots off of bermuda grass, I grew up in the Midwest and find it really difficult.

David A. Cremeans
Carmel, Indiana

While I’m pretty decent on greenside bunker shots, the most difficult shot in golf has to be the 25-40 yard bunker shot. I basically have no idea how to hit it. Picking the right club, how hard to swing, and how close to hit to the ball without thinning it and hitting it 75 yards are all questions I have. Impossible for me, and anyone I play with. Fortunately, the shot doesn’t come up too often. Which is probably another reason I don’t know how to hit it. 

Barry Duckworth
Knoxville, Tennessee

Most difficult golf shot? Flop shot or chip from deep rough within 25 yards of green.

Rudy Lucero
Colorado Springs, Colorado

A very short wedge shot over an obstacle to a tight pin.

Bob Norris
Cincinnati, Ohio

Without a doubt the toughest shot would have to be a flop shot over a high-lipped trap to a tight pin from a hardpan lie. That would be followed closely by a downhill bunker shot to a tight pin. Both shots make me want to take up bowling. At least that’s how I see it.

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

The hardest shot to hit is the one you have to hit. Doesn't matter if it's a 3-footer or a 200-yard cut to a tucked pin. If you have to hit that shot, it feels impossible.

Rob King
Savannah, Georgia

Long bunker shot. Without question.

Doug Fraser
Ocean City, New Jersey 

It has to be the hole-in-one, like Michael Block in the PGA Championship. It's just too bad that CBS had cut to a "Playing Through" segment while he holed out.

Dave Curley 
Las Vegas, Nevada

No question it’s the long greenside bunker shot, especially with water behind the hole in your intended line.

Bob Polanzi
Spring Grove, Illinois

A flop shot over a bunker to a narrow green.

Paul Golabowski 
Noblesville, Indiana

The most difficult shot in golf is a short-sided pitch shot over a trap onto a green that slopes away. 

Of course, making a downhill 4’ putt to win a big event is no picnic either.

Steve Rosenbaum
Oak Lawn, Illinois

The roughest shot in golf is the 50-yard bunker shot. Too many variables make this extremely difficult. 

Michael Coe
Ocala, Florida 

When you’re in a pro-am on the first tee and 500 patrons watching ... no, that’s not the toughest shot. The tough one is your second shot after you just rolled your opening drive 50 feet. Your pro and your three teammates — never mind those 500 smiling fans — watch you address a downhill lie between the men’s and ladies tee. Adding to your anxiety is your son, who is your caddie, asking "Dad what was that?"

John McGregor
Milton, Massachusetts

I think the hardest shot is the short shot around the green over water and sand.

John Lukaszewski
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

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