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The little symbol that causes a big debate

The First Call readers were asked if a Masters win by Rory McIlroy to complete his career grand slam would require an asterisk as LIV golfer Talor Gooch suggested. Here's how they responded


Question of the week [March 4-10]: In the aftermath of Talor Gooch saying an asterisk needs to be applied if Rory McIlroy earns his career grand slam at the Masters, are there any golf records deserving of *? 
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Talor Gooch's comment was idiotic. If he's making a case for strength of field being the only metric, there are many tournaments that would have an asterisk because the best players didn't bring their 'A' game that week or just didn't play. As far as records go, I don't recall records being subjective. 

Rob King
Savannah, Georgia

Who is Taylor Goof, I mean Gooch? Nobody cares what he thinks, and nobody will remember him in the future. He's just another chaser of Saudi gold playing exhibition golf in short pants. Rory McIlroy is already headed to the hall of fame.

Larry Ashe
Chicago, Illinois

I would definitely say that any score registered while playing lift clean and place should have an asterisk. In addition, a 5x score achieved on a par 70 should be recorded and have an asterisk. These guys are so good that they could play it down with some mud on their ball and still shoot 65. Other than the 65 part, we have all played with some junk on our ball playing for all we had in our pockets or possibly more. At least that’s the way I see it. 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

All men’s professional golf records established since Anthony Kim’s mysterious retirement 12 years ago should come with an asterisk as he was the most talented professional golfer since Tiger Woods, hence those victories/records are all hollow and worthy of an * as they did not beat the incomparable Kim. Sound ridiculous? Just look at Taylor Gooch’s recent inane comments.   

Reid Farrill
Toronto, Ontario

Talor Gooch has a valid point regarding watered down fields because the PGA Tour is continuing its petulance in not allowing stars from LIV Golf. I would go further with asterisks. 

I would use one each week after the money that each pro wins. The asterisk would lead to a footnote reading — Thanks to Phil Mickelson. These megapurses are because Phil exposed the PGA Tour. I wonder if any PGA Tour players raking in this extra money have thanked Phil. Given their self-indulgent attitudes, I doubt it.

The other asterisk would be for Tiger Woods in the 1999 Phoenix Open. He had twelve lackeys roll a one ton boulder out of the way after a starstruck official foolishly called it a “loose impediment.” For Woods to even ask for that ruling is typical of his contempt for rules. I’d put an asterisk next to his earnings in that event.

Vinny Mooney
Poughkeepsie, New York

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