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The Masters is once again on our minds

Readers of The First Call share their stories about the year's first major and iconic course

Question of the week [April 1-7]: What are your thoughts on the Masters — traditions, this year's favorites, personal memories, favorite stories.

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I will never forget Phil Mickelson once putting on the second green. The pin was way down on the right and he was putting from middle or left, high side, for eagle. As the ball is rolling down there, out of nowhere a pinecone flies in, lands right in front of it and kicks the ball offline. 

I'm sorry, but there is only so far rub-of-the-green goes. That's like colliding sub-atomic particles in an accelerator. Or having Zeus chucking lightning bolts at you.

Martin Donnelly
Elmhurst, Illinois

I enjoy every element of Masters week. Because golf season has not started here in Canada this is the one major I watch start to finish. I can't get enough of Augusta. I even enjoy listening to the golf pundits. I cannot think of one thing I don't like about the Masters.

I once had the opportunity to go to a practice round and we were rained out after 45 minutes. Tragic. I still can't believe it. I hope to get back someday if I get lucky with the ticket lottery. As for this year's tournament I will be cheering for my Canadian pros. We have a good group of players in the tournament with Corey Connors, Adam Hadwin and Nick Taylor. So those are my choices. Other than that I simply cheer for brilliant golf. The Masters never disappoints. I can't wait.

Reid Farrill
Toronto, Ontario

The Master’s is without a shadow of doubt the best golf tournament of the year. The course is always the most pristine of all, and is watched by millions of people. The best players in the world are included in the field, and the competition gets better with nearly every shot. The final day is usually a shootout. There’s no luck involved.

I thoroughly enjoy watching replays of all the past tournaments, as do many diehard golfers. So many great memories.

My picks this year include Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm, Rory Mcilroy and Jordan Spieth.

Rudy Lucero
Colorado Springs, Colorado

My favorite story of the Masters was in 2012, when I visited with three Texas A&M Aggies. I visited with my wife’s uncle, his son and best friend. We played golf on the Robert Trent Jones Trail on the way there and back, and they were wearing normal golf gear. On our Tuesday practice day morning, I am greeted by three totally marooned and branded Texas A&M Aggies!

As we walk from our parked cars toward the gate we are warmly greeted. Now this are nice gentle jabs from SEC fans and then as we work through the gate it really kicks in. Seems like all the SEC has decided that the low man of the football totem pole shall be A&M — probably five, maybe 10 years before they can play football at the appropriate level.

The worst were from Alabama. “Glad you’re on our schedule, expecting big wins for many years!” And “Man, are we excited to be racking wins on y’all for many years! Go SEC!!!”

While not this Longhorn’s favorite team, I did enjoy watching Johnny Manziel’s candle burn brightly that November night.

Mark Chatfield
Houston, Texas

[QOTW, March 25-31: Are the Rules of Golf too complicated for the everyday golfer?

I agree that the rules are overly complicated and often pretentious.  E G: “penalty area”
I once had a great book, probably from the 80s written by Tom Watson along with one of the USGA gurus, possibly Frank Hannigan.  It explained most of the important rules and best of all it went into the reasons they exist and how best to identify and apply.   I wish it were still around.  

Bob Heindel
Haddonfield, New Jersey

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