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Scottie Scheffler: On a hot streak or becoming golf's next transcendent player?

Readers of The First Call agree that the two-time Masters champion is already one of the game's elite players, but questions remain as to whether he will become one of the all-time greats

Question of the week [April 22-28]: Is newly minted Masters champion Scottie Scheffler on a hot streak of late or is he establishing himself as the game's most dominant player in the mold of the game's greatest players?

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As the world’s No. 1, Scottie Scheffler has established himself as the game's most dominant player "… in the mold of the game's greatest players." Why debate that, potentially minimizing a momentous few years? Rather, I would propose that this most dominant player on the PGA Tour is most certainly on a hot streak, and wears green and plaid to prove it.

Steve Hull
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

I think Scottie Scheffler is currently one of the coolest and most proficient golfers I have ever seen. However, it remains to be seen whether or not his game will withstand the passage of time. The greats that people are comparing him to played the game a lot longer than Scottie has so far.  I certainly don't see any cracks in his game, and I wish him the best of luck and continued success.

Bob Norris
Cincinnati, Ohio

I will probably hear staunch disagreement with what I’m about to write. Although Scottie Scheffler is on fire currently and is dominating the tour today, but his swing flaws will not hold up long term. Don’t get me wrong. Scheffler is one of the nicest, most respectful guys out there. The PGA Tour needs more of them. 

In my opinion, his swing has too many moving parts that will not hold up long term. Remember when David Duval was that guy? And there are 20 others who performed flawlessly before their swing let them down. One bad shot followed by one or two bad tournaments and then come the gurus with their hands out suggesting ways to help.

Plus with Scottie, the drive or fire in the belly is not there. There are things more important to him than playing golf. Notably, his faith, his wife and newest family member. I believe he definitely has his priorities straight and I wouldn’t suggest changing anything. He has made enough money in the past four months alone to take care of his family for many years to come. He is healthy and he wants it to stay that way.

I see Scottie as more of the Bruce Litetzke type and less like a Tiger Woods. Golf is important, but it’s not the be all and end all. Two or three years from now when the next guy steps up and wins two or three in a row the question will raise its head again.

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

I hope it is more than a hot streak. It would be good to see a dominant player since Tiger Woods. I feel professional golf has become a bit stagnant as anyone can win any week, but having Scottie Scheffler in the field now hopefully motivates others as it did during the Tiger era. Now if Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas — to name a few — could return to form. Then we have got something.

Bob Durrbeck
Tinley Park, Illinois

I wanted to express my admiration for Scottie Scheffler's incredible golfing skills. His humble style of play, ball striking and flight patterns are unmatched. However, I do have concerns about his neck issues. I hope he is able to resolve them, as I believe there are many more exciting tournaments for us fans to enjoy. Thank you.

Christopher Gates
Medina, Ohio

As to Scottie Scheffler’s future, only time will tell. I often think of David Duval, who seemed unstoppable at the end of the 1990s, but flamed out with injuries shortly after winning the British Open in 2001. Let Scottie keep it going for five more years, then let's see where he stands. 

Murray Miles 
Fort Worth, Texas 

Scottie Scheffler is on fire. It’s not just a hot streak. He’s beating the best players on some of the toughest golf courses. Who’s going to beat him? I love watching him closely, and had been waiting for him to get his next bogey.

With all of the outstanding young unknown players today, and all of the known players that finish in the top 10 every week, it would be very tough to pick the next tournament winner. My winning bet has to be that when Scottie’s wife has the baby, and he doesn’t play ... a different winner will be crowned.

Watching golf today is at it’s best. Actually, I have to clarify that. It’s always been great …

Rudy Lucero
Colorado Springs, Colorado 

While Scottie Scheffler is clearly one of the top two or three players, his recent wins, other than the Masters, were against watered down fields. Because of bumbling [PGA Tour commissioner] Jay Monahan, dozens of world-class players like Jon Rahm, Joaquin Niemann, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambieu, etc. were banned. In their place were players who had zero chance of winning a PGA Tour tournament.

Until the anti-LIV children grow up and accept the obvious fact that every major company and our own government do business with the Saudis, Scheffler’s wonderful accomplishments will be a bit shallow due to lackluster competition.

Vinny Mooney
Poughkeepsie, New York

I don’t think this guy is a flash in the pan. Has anyone looked at it his amateur record? It’s unbelievable. I’m not sure whether he will challenge Tiger Woods' professional record, but it’s very nice to see someone that’s humble and just has a great game.

Steve Pratt
Ardmore Pennsylvania

Time will tell if Scottie Scheffler is on a hot streak or on a path to being one of the greatest of all times. Scottie is about to be a father for the first time and the thought popped into my head that recent new fathers’ golf games have suffered. Rory McIlroy and Jordan Speith had hot streaks early in their careers, but their golf games have not been the same since they became fathers for the first time, although, unlike Scottie, their hot streaks had cooled before the birth of their first child.  

James Brock
Atlanta, Georgia

[QOTW, April 15-21: Who is to blame for LIV, PGA Tour divide?]

In last month’s Golf Digest, there was an excellent article by Jerry Trade regarding the place professional tour golf is in. It correctly outlines that golf is not on the same revenue plateau as other major sports. It says that several players broke away because they wanted a bigger share of the golf revenue pie. It doesn’t state the names, but we know who they are.  

LIV is a threat to the PGA Tour and all tours and the approach the Saudi’s use is to come in and take over.  The best thing that has happened is that the public does not care about LIV. But as long as they are around they will be a threat. If they are successful in this endeavor, PGA Tour golf worldwide will diminish and large corporations will cease to be interested in sponsoring PGA Tour events. The majors will still exist and do well, but there will be a problem with the rest of the events.  

The merger between the two groups seems to be stalled by the retribution that current players want for staying with the PGA Tour. [LIV Golf chairman] Yasir Al-Rumayyan can’t sell that to the LIV golfers. So they will stay around and pick off a player or two each year, further diminishing the PGA Tour and further exasperating golf fans. 

Truly a sad situation.

Bill House
Amesbury, Massachusetts

I couldn't believe Sergio Garcia's remarks about how the press is causing/preventing LIV Golf and PGA Tour going forward. Oh, but look at who is saying this — one of the biggest whiners around who always blame everyone but himself for anything that doesn't go his way. This is the same golfer who has abused courses and spit in cups.  

He now plays in the minor league golf tour funded by a regime that constantly violates human rights and may sponsor terrorism. It is also alleged it was behind the murder of an Arab reporter who reported what is happening in Saudi Arabia. Does he speak out about their suppression of press or people in their country. No.

Sergio Garcia should go back to his little myopic world. LIV Golf is a blackmark on the great game of golf. Hopefully, the PGA Tour will not merge with them and all their golfers will fade away into obscurity.   

Mike Sickles 
Yuba City, California 

Sergio Garcia is the living example of how you are only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Tim Pittman
West End, North Carolina

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