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Records are meant to be broken ... but will these be?

The First Call readers believe some records — such as Byron Nelson's 11 consecutive wins — are safe from ever being surpassed

Question of the week [April 29 – May 5]: What golf record do you believe will never be broken?

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Byron Nelson’s 11 consecutive wins in 1945. 

Joe Steranka
Jupiter, Florida

Byron Nelson’s record of 11 straight wins is the most impressive and will never be equaled.

Dennis Brissette
Lake Mary, Florida

What record will never be broken? That’s easy. Byron Nelson‘s 18 victories in one year in 1945.

Jeff McCrory
Atlanta, Georgia

Jack Nicklaus’ major win record.

Roger Coe
Bowling Green, Ohio

Byron Nelson's two records will never be broken.

1. 11 wins in a row.
2. 18 wins in one season.

Tod Laudonia
Cos Cob, Connecticut

It has to be Byron Nelson, who took the winner’s paycheck in 11 consecutive starts during his 18-win season (also a record) in 1945. Nine of those victories came in successive weeks. 

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Florida

Tiger Woods' consecutive cuts made streak.

Scot Essington
Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am tired of all the whining about the golf records of Sam Snead and Tiger Woods when there is never any mention of the real record holder, Kathy Whitworth, who has 88 wins. Give credit where credit is really due.

Anne Theis
Salem, Oregon

In my opinion, the most difficult record to break — and one which will never be broken — is Byron Nelson’s record of 11 tournament wins in a row. And a side-note record is his 18 wins in that season.

Dave Bozeman
Tomball, Texas

Jack Nicklaus holds several records, and I strongly believe that the one that may never be broken is the 18 major championships he won. The PGA Tour currently has many outstanding young golfers, but I don’t think any of them can match the longevity or the consistency of Jack.

Rudy Lucero
Colorado Springs, Colorado 

There are several records in today’s game that will not be touched.

1. Jack Nicklaus’ total of 18 majors.
2. Tiger Woods' total reign as the No. 1-ranked ranked player.
3. Woods' consecutive cuts made.
4. Byron Nelson’s 11 consecutive wins.
5. I believe Lydia Ko has the record for most wins before turning 19 or 20.

Bob Durrbeck
Tinley Park, Illinois

Jack Nicklaus' 18 majors. The true GOAT.

John Brewton 
Johns Island, South Carolina

Tiger Woods winning three consecutive USGA Junior Amateur Championships followed by three consecutive U.S. Amateur Championships.

Tom Wojcik 
Asheville, North Carolina

Tiger Woods' consecutive cuts made streak of 142 will never be broken. Xander Schauffele is currently at 45. 

Barry Duckworth
Knoxville, Tennessee

In 1945 Byron Nelson won 11 tournaments in a row, a streak that culminated at Thornhill Golf and Country Club in Toronto, Canada. The streak was part of an 18-win season to which no player has even come close to breaking.

Bob Gillespie
Toronto, Ontario 

LIV Golf is blood money. It is a tour that does not respect norms and traditions, and, quite frankly, is obnoxious with the loud music and golfers' white skinny legs.

It's not tied to major championships and although the league pays players huge sums of money, what is the players' incentive to win if they don't need the money?

It's not the media and golfers aren't dumb. They know what's behind LIV. The Saudi's are not our friends. They play both sides to their advantage. Greg Norman has gone out of his way to wreck the PGA Tour. Why? They put him where he is in life and is very ungrateful.

David McMillin
Simpsonville, South Carolina

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