The ModGolf Podcast

Breaking down barriers by engaging the unengaged

The third episode in a 'The ModGolf Podcast' series celebrating Black History Month features Charles Dillahunt, a creative business strategist for the PGA of America

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To celebrate Black History Month, The ModGolf Podcast is airing a series of episodes that showcase black golf innovators who are making a difference. 

Host Colin Weston is joined by Charles Dillahunt, strategic adjunct for the PGA of America's CEO, who discusses how eSports, Sneakerhead culture and a 17th century French philosopher shape his worldview on how to make golf more welcoming and inclusive for under-represented communities.

"My biggest hope for the golf industry is that it one day grows to be more representative of the population of the world," Dillahunt says, "and that it openly welcomes and serves members of all communities and from all walks of life equally and inclusively."

This episode originally aired on Dec. 9, 2020.

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