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Donnie Dotson is using a tech investor mindset to jumpstart golf careers

Carry founder and CEO has taken his business development and investing experience to create a platform that connects up-and-coming golfers with investors through a sense of community

Donnie Dotson, founder and CEO of Carry Golf, joins "The ModGolf Podcast" to discuss his relatively new venture that is loosely rooted to the days when club members would create a syndicate to help a local player get started on tour. These days, Dotson is connecting investors and players through shared experiences.

"These potential investors didn't know the players 48 hours earlier and were high-fiving them saying 'We'll be following along and cheering for you guys,'" said Dotson of making connections. "My goal now is to be able to bottle up that experience and scale it, so we can help a lot more golfers but also bring a lot more fans closer to the game."

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