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Inrange Golf helping driving ranges improve golf experience

Nick Longley, co-founder of Inrange Golf, joins 'The ModGolf Podcast' to discuss what led to creating engaging digital games that heighten the traditional driving range experience



There was not an a-ha moment, per se, for Nick Longley, co-founder of Inrange Golf, but rather continual customer feedback that crystallized his company's purpose.

"Once we understood that our business is helping other businesses succeed, things really took off," says Longley, who shares with "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston the company's evolution.

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"Within 15 minutes of showing a driving range owner a video of what it could be, they said, 'Right, yeah, we're in. We'll happily be your early adopter," Longley says of the early stages. "And once they came on as early adopters, we spent hours and hours of time on the range, interviewing people, showing them designs, showing them prototypes and getting push back."

What Inrange Golf found was that consumers didn't necessarily want to login and play off an app. They wanted were games on touchscreen pads in their hitting bays — and if it also helped them improve their game, all the better.

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