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Eileen Jurczak puts stock in Xonic Golf

Founder and CEO joins 'The ModGolf Podcast' to share how entrepreneurial lessons she learned while working on the stock exchange trading floor helped her launch iTQ, a golf 'fixes and tips' app


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During Eileen Jurczak's years on the stock exchange trading floor, she was introduced to artificial intelligence. Over time, Jurczak began to wonder if there was a way to merge AI with her passion for golf.

There was, and ultimately Jurczak founded Xonic Golf, which developed the iTQ app that gives golfers of any skill level instant and customized fixes and tips from PGA professionals.

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"All of my personal and professional experiences in finance, engineering and golf have come together," she says. "It's quite fantastic that they culminate into what I'm doing in the sport tech startup space today."

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