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Markus Westerberg merges golf, entrepreneurship to form deWiz

Co-founder joins 'The ModGolf Podcast' to discuss the value of being uncomfortable and the power of collaboration


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Ever try to self analyze your swing, knowing that something is amiss, but you just cannot put your finger on the issue?

The wearable deWiz may be the solution. The technology-laced device tracks swing data such as distance, speed and direction, then provides instantaneous feedback. In short, the device helps break old habits of motor learning.

WATCH: "The ModGolf Podcast": Markus Westerberg, co-founder, DeWiz

Co-founder Markus Westerberg, a former European Tour pro who is an author on the subject of motor learning, joins "The ModGolf Podast" host Colin Weston to discuss the journey of deWiz.

"We launched about a year ago and today and we are now 14 employees in the company," he says. "I'm not saying that we built deWiz all by ourselves. We are team players. I know some things and I don't know a lot of other things."

Westerberg believes meaningful progress comes pushing past being comfortable and collaborating with curious, positive people.

"I can only do so much and I am happy to let in anyone who can help us and who knows their area of expertise better than me," he says. "There's no ego motivation here. We just want to help golfers get better, grow the company and reach out to more golfers. We have the love of the game and that's our driving force. I think that's a strength that we have, the strength to know what we don't know and not have the vanity of trying to show something else."

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