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How John Simpson used his polio and golf for the greater good

Host Colin Weston interviews the On Course Foundation founder about the nonprofit that introduces injured veterans to golf and opportunities within the industry

John Simpson was afflicted with polio in his leg at an early age, but that didn't keep him from taking up golf. Later in life, Simpson used to golf to create On Course Foundation, which empowers injured veterans to learn how to play golf and gain employment within the industry.

"Being disabled myself, I chatted with a few of the injured veterans and told them what had happened to me," Simpson tells "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston. "I saw some of them looking back at me and I realized that golf was something they could do. That's when I thought, 'If we could start a charity which teaches golf on a long-term basis with the idea of then getting them some form of employment within the golf and related industries, that if we could do that, that would be quite something.'"

Simpson tells his story and the story of On Course Foundation.

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[2:18] Shares being introduced to the game as a boy with polio that affected his right leg.
[5:27] Provides his personal and professional experience that put the pieces in place to build On Course Foundation.
[8:45] John Simpson's 'AHA moment' in 2009 that led to the creation of On Course Foundation.
[18:25] John Simpson tells two inspirational stories of how On Course Foundation has positively impacted the lives of injured service people.
[22:04] John Simpson describes The Simpson Cup, a Ryder Cup-style event between On Course Foundation beneficiaries from the United Kingdom and United States.

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