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How Sqairz does the common in an uncommon way

Founder Bob Winskowicz shares with host Colin Weston how having Arnold Palmer in his mentorship corner was one of many positive experiences that shaped his entrepreneurial mindset

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Bob Winskowicz did not go the conventional route in creating Sqairz. Neither did Ely Callaway or Karsten Solheim when they created Callaway Golf and Ping, respectively.

"When Ely Callaway created the Big Bertha and Karsten Solheim created the Ping irons, they went to work on a driver and an iron that had perimeter weighting," Winskowicz says. "The clubs looked the way they did because that's the way perimeter weighting worked. It wasn't the other way around. They didn't worry about the fact that this Big Bertha was an oversized metal wood that looked like a snow shovel and the iron looked like something that an alien designed. They had something that was radically different, but they backed it up with performance and they didn't worry about the looks. Match it up with a quote from Booker T. Washington, which is to 'Do a common thing in an uncommon way' and you mix those two things together, that's where Sqairz."

Bob Winskowicz joins host Colin Weston to discuss his company's beginning and evolution, how Arnold Palmer helped shape him, and what's next for Sqairz.

[2:18] How Bob Winskowicz was introduced to golf
[4:50] Winskowicz's worst job ever and the positives that came from it
[6:35] Working in the consumer goods sector and how that set the stage for a career shift
[10:40] Joining the Arnold Palmer Golf Company and the impact Palmer had on him
[15:30] How outside influences helped shape the Sqairz design philosophy
[21:30] The next sports market Sqairz is entering
[30:30] Empowering his team to embrace a culture of continuous learning, experimentation and innovation