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For Jillian Foss, no risk equals no fun

Foss, founder of #LEGS (Ladies Executive Golf Society), joins host Colin Weston to discuss how she combines her entrepreneurial passion with a sense of purpose

Jillian Foss had a simple thought — "What can we do to continue to lift up women toward leadership through golf?" Her belief was the world would be a better place if she could make that happen.

"So I set out to accomplish this mission and have some fun while we're at it," says Foss, who founded #LEGS (Ladies Executive Golf Society).

Foss joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to talk about how and why she founded #LEGS, and how it benefits women and their respective communities.

[4:00] Foss provides an overview of #LEGS
[6:20] Foss shares the "aha" moment that led to the creation of #LEGS
[7:30] Who encouraged Foss to take the entrepreneurial leap
[10:00] "It all started with a flyer and a sticker," says Foss of her first #LEGS pilot event in South Florida
[12:50] How the The Lean Startup approach was applied to #LEGS
[15:30] Foss talks about getting over the fear of failure and embracing a mindset of growth and curiosity as an entrepreneur
[17:00] Foss explains where she drew inspiration from to create the #LEGS experience
[21:40] How #LEGS attracts and onboards non-golfing women
[28:40] The #LEGS growth plan for creating chapters in every U.S. state
[31:30] Inspiring #LEGS member success stories
[34:00] How women can start a #LEGS chapter in their community
[36:10] The future for #LEGS and the launch of its upcoming "Swinging To Success" series
[38:30] The benefits #LEGS offers for golf courses, women golfers and sponsor partners

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